Chin Chin Restaurant Melbourne

I spent last night feeling like a sardine and I loved it. I loved the noise, I loved the vibrant atmosphere and I loved the food. Even though my first impression was like “this place has great reviews? really?” it didn’t take long for me to understand why. All across Australia from our big over crowded cities to our booming regional towns, the most amazing cafes and restaurants can be found hidden out of sight. You can be walking down an avenue or a walkway and find the most amazing little coffee shop that makes your taste buds stand to attention and your tummy asking for more. Flinders Lane in Melbourne is just such a place.

Its noisy, its busy and its not even the prettiest of streets but it hides such a gem that it seems the only people that would know about it are those who work nearby and those that have found out via word of mouth. Even the building looks like it could do with a facelift, but the eclectic walls, rough floors and mismatched table wares add to the relaxed easy atmosphere. Our group of four was seated straight away which i think was a fluke. We arrived around 5.45pm and the restaurant was already a hive of activity. The tables were full, waiters and waitresses were busy on their feet and the table just in the door was leaving – perfect. After we were given glasses of water and our menus the delightfully quick witted waitress informed us of some yummy choices and left us to get our Cosmopolitans and Chardonnay’s.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 8.31.49 pm

Now I would like to think of myself as “worldly” I have travelled overseas and have been all over Australia – multiple times but looking at the menu had me a tad confused. Not in a bad way, it was more of a “where do I start?”as it all looked really good and described in a way to entice me. After we all settled in, drank our first cocktails and surveyed our surroundings our waitress came back to take our orders. We still couldn’t decide but thankfully our waitress suggested the “Feed Me” option, which was to try a bit of everything. That suited us perfectly! Well over the next couple of hours our taste buds were sent on a joyful ride. I think if my tongue could experience an orgasm, it did on Saturday night! It has the pleasure of savouring exotic meaty balls of goodness with a touch of spiciness. Marinated Beef and King Fish Sashimi to die for. Butter Chicken that was the best we have ever had and Pork Roll ups that was so good I actually made a noise that I normally reserve for the bedroom.

Now when it comes to such a delicious course of flavoursome foods like that, I normally stay clear of dessert. I love sweets but in this case I didn’t want to loose the party that was still taking place in my mouth. That all went out the window when the waitress explained one of the treats…ok…I guess I can try something else <wink>. Mmooaannn! I really need to keep my voice down, but from the looks of the other patrons I am definitely not the only one who is experiencing such joy. The Coconut Sago needs to be bottled so I can come back and purchase a lifetime supply! The soft puffed rice and ice-cream was devine!

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 8.31.18 pm

After our tummies were full, we thanked our lovely waitress, paid for our meals and after a quick bathroom stop we stepped outside and back into reality. We all stood on the sidewalk and watched the projection on the side of the building while musing over the fabulous service and wonderful meals. Who knew this great little restaurant was here in downtown Melbourne, only a short stroll from Flinders Street Station and Federation Square!  Just an old building up a lane way…who knew? I didn’t, but I do now….and I am letting everyone know about it….

Chin Chin
125 Flinders Lane,
Melbourne, Vic, 3000.
Open: 11am – till late
Ph: (03) 8663 2000

x x x

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