In His Shadow by Tiffany Snow

There are some books you read that make you question your own morals, and Tiffany Snow’s first release from her Tangled Ivy series is definitely one of them. In fact I would place this book into the same category as Roxie Rivera’s Russian Protector series – Triller/Suspense Romance. There are aspects of both series that leave you feeling unsettled, you know the characters don’t think twice about taking aim at someone but they love and protect their own with such devotion that you can’t help but cheer for them.

Where Roxies Russian Protector series was based on the Russian Mob taking over Houston’s underground, the Tangled Ivy series is based on government operatives and agencies. It isn’t even clear which government is represented, maybe its more than one? as you move through the book its not clear who is who. Is it really ok to cheer on the bad guy, or is that the good guy…who is who in this thriller where getting tangled in the sheets is all good and fun but working out who Ivy should trust leaves you frustrated and anxious. So who are the main characters?

Ivy Mason is a young woman in her mid 20’s who moves away from her grandparents home in Dodge city after completing her History degree. She moves into an apartment with her childhood friend Logan, in St Louis after his room mate moves out. Blessed with striking good looks, Ivy slowly finds confidence and a new start in the big city. Life is good for Ivy until she meets Devon Clay through her job as teller for one of the most exclusive and oldest banks in St Louis. A dangerous man in his mid 30’s, Devon may ooze sex appeal and speak with a sexy British accent, but he makes Ivy uncomfortable with his cold stare and strong mannerisms.

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Amazon Premise:
After a night out to dinner with her room mate Logan and his friends, Ivy’s life becomes complicated when she witnesses a murder in an alley nearby. Just when her life couldn’t get any worse she soon discovers an wealthy older customer at her bank has been murdered and a childhood enemy has been released from prison on parole.

As Ivy’s relationship with Devon takes a new path, her life becomes a complicated game of cat and mouse. With FBI agent Lane hot on her heels, Logan questioning her decisions, her families concerns and her workplace demands who can she trust, who can she turn too?

In His Shadow continues to gain momentum as you move through the storyline, never letting you take a deep breath before author Tiffany Snow throws another curve ball that will leave you cursing and frustrated. Thriller, suspense, action and lots of ripping of clothes 😉 In His Shadow is the first instalment in the Tangled Ivy series that I highly recommend for those who like a bit of Jason Bourne…..with a good side serving of rough and tumble in the sheets.

Enjoy….I did. Click on the links below for more information

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