Romance at Luna Park

I recently took my daughter and her best friend for a fun filled day out to Luna Park situated in Melbourne’s beachside suburb of St Kilda. I never had the chance to visit an amusement park when I was a child living in a small country town in North East Victoria, but since moving to Melbourne I have taken every opportunity to take part in all things fun and adventurous….much to the delight of both my daughters.

Imagine the smiles on our faces when we spotted the roller coaster and spinning rides from the car park. Even the screams couldn’t deter us….with a cover of sunscreen on our skin and our hats firmly placed on our heads, we were ready for an action packed afternoon. We stopped for the family photo at the front entrance, in fact everyone stopped for a photo in front of the famous pale moon face – Luna Parks iconic entrance.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 6.34.55 pm

Stepping into the park gave me that giddily feeling. You know that little rush you get when your excited about something? I had that and the broad grin to go with it. The pirate ride was in full swing, the coaster buzzed past us on the overhead Scenic Railway and parents were leading their young ones to the old fashioned carousel….it was time to get the fun started 🙂

After purchasing our tickets we slowly moved into the park, our bodies didn’t know which way to go first. As I was taking photos of the gorgeous architecture of the Carousel we all saw a large moving piece of machinery rise into the air. The girls took off running like their pants were on fire and I knew which ride was going to be their first.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 6.35.50 pm

The Freakout, hmmm do I need to say anymore? It is one of the big thrill rides in the park, situated behind the Carousel. It is one great big spinning, sky reaching extravaganza aimed at getting your blood pumping. As I stood by I tried to watch how high it would go but had to move back as my head could not bend that far back on my shoulders. To say that it was amazing is an understatement.

The park was full of all kinds of rides, from the Silly Serpent and the Sky Rider targetting those who like to keep their heart rate under control 🙂 to the Spider and Pharaohs Curse. Luna Park had something to delight every age. I even had a moment of wonder and excitement when I saw the dodgem cars. We had them for a short time in my home town when I was a teenager and I wanted to take a trip down memory lane. Zipping around in the little dodgem car was my idea of fun and my turn didn’t disappoint, it was still so much fun.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 6.36.55 pm

It was during the afternoon that I began to take it easy and sit down under a shaded umbrella in the middle of the park. It was while I was sitting down sipping on my bottle of water that I noticed the wedding party. The happy bride and groom were walking hand in hand towards the Carousel with their beautiful groomsmen and bridesmaids in tow. The gentlemen were dressed in traditional tailored grey suits with cute bow ties while the bridesmaids wore pale blue lacy short dresses with matching platform pumps. The bride wore a simple gorgeous cream gown with a gathered pearl bodice. Their smiles were contagious, everyone watching the happy couple couldn’t help but grin while the wedding party danced and had their photos taken.

Even though I was amazed to see a wedding party at Luna Park, it really shouldn’t have been a surprise. If you wanted to take a loved one on a fun date, Luna Park would be the perfect place to go. It can be as intimate as you like, you could cosy up on the Sky Rider, hold your loved one close on the Ghost Train or have fun in the Penny Arcade. It would be a great place to visit to learn more about your date surrounded in a relaxing fun atmosphere….as I said, it can be as intimate as you like.


If you met at Luna Park, or you proposed on the Sky Rider why would you not get married there? Luna Park during sunset is amazing, when the sun drops over the horizon and the park lights up it becomes spectacular. A magical wonderland where you can’t help but enjoy yourself.

When I got back home, I went onto the Luna Park website. I was inquisitive….do they cater to weddings? Under the tab Private Functions on their website was a page full of information regarding special occasions, including getting hitched 🙂 So for all of you lovers of romance, if you are looking for a romantic place to get to know a special person in your life, maybe a fun date idea, somewhere exciting and memorable to propose or even a fun filled wedding then you really can not go wrong with Luna Park.

For further information visit either the Luna Park Melbourne website, or the Luna Park Sydney website.

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