The Pact by Karina Halle

The Pact is a well paced friends to lovers romance with a few little intriguing twists. A light read with a healthy amount of spice that would leave you feeling a tad hot under the collar. An angst story of friendships and the turmoil of dating that leaves each of the characters questioning what they really want in life.

Linden and Stephanie are best friends who first met while working together in their friend, James, bar. Over the years neither of them seem to have much luck in love which leads Linden to propose his crazy idea over drinks one late night. With their impending 25th birthdays approaching, bad boy and player Linden asks Stef to marry him by age 30 if neither of them don’t find love. Sounds romantic doesn’t it….hhmmm.

During the course of the story, partners come and go and while there are a few occasions throughout the book where you think they might have finally found ‘the one’ it somehow isn’t meant to be. Each time Linden and Stefanie experience a breakup they naturally lean on each other for comfort and support. The agreement which started out as a bit of fun soon becomes a prominent point of discussion in their relationship as both of them question their growing feelings for each other.

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Would I recommend it? I quite honestly didn’t think of this book as one I would read again, and I even questioned wether or not I should put this review on my blog. I found the story frustrating and annoying to read. The general plot was good and editing was fine but the characters were just immature and frustrating. I felt Linden was a player, even when he reached 30 years of age. Author Karina Halle would describe Linden as an attractive confident guy but as soon as he opened his mouth I would cringe. He couldn’t stand up to anyone and spoke like a feral at times. And you’re still single Linden? Nooo…..

Stefanie came across as an intelligent business woman but couldn’t work people out. She dated a guy that seemed aloof and distant and wondered why she was unhappy. Stephanie’s language at times left me questioning her age….and your still single? Nooo….

The only way to describe this book would be to say a love between two somewhat educated bogans. Sorry…..its just my take on the book. The pacing was good, the editing was good, the general idea for the story was good, it was even interesting to read from dual points of view. Unfortunately the dialogue and characters were just lacking. I like to put myself into the role of the leading lady and in this case I found her to be a little rough around the edges and simple for my liking.

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