Merrick’s Maiden by S E Smith

Oh how much I like to read a story where the leading man is not afraid to go after the woman he has set his sights on. Yes its a tad barbaric but there’s something about a self confident man that just appeals to the woman in me. It doesn’t matter whether he is a gallant fellow from the 17th Century (think Mr Darcy), a rough cowboy from the outback (Hugh Jackman) or a sexy futuristic hero from the future…as long as he is strong, self assured and not overly arrogant then I am more than happy.

Merrick Ta’Duran is the powerful leader of a society of people who live in the mountains on the world of Baade.   When word comes that a new species has been discovered, Merrick travels to Earth in the hope of meeting his mate. Unfortunately he is captured and detained by a group of scientists. After months of tests and experiments Merrick fears his life will end before he had the opportunity to hold his mate in his arms.

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Addie Banks lost her hearing during her teenage years when she contracted a virus. Determined to stand on her own two feet, Addie gains part time employment cleaning offices at Keiser Institute. During one of her late night shifts, she comes face to face with a large man held behind bars in a secure area of the building. One of the security guards finds Abbie in the restricted area and removes her from the building. After returning to the institute the following day, in the hopes of learning more of the mysterious man, Abbie is kidnapped and thrown into the same cage as Merrick.

If you have not heard or read any of S E Smiths books then I highly recommend downloading a sample (free first chapters) from the Amazon Kindle store. Her science fiction romance stories are a delight to read, and Merricks Maiden is no different. What happens when you throw a hot sexy alien and a confident young woman into an impossible situation, you get a gorgeous strong alpha who will stop at nothing to protect his true love…..awwwwww….. 🙂

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Angus and Robertson

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