Outdoor Cinemas Across Australia

Did you ever watch the romantic comedy The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey? If you did you might remember the scene were both characters are sitting in a park, on a tree branch, watching a movie on the outdoor cinema screen? It was such a cute moment. Well if you ever wished to do something like that yourself, albeit without Matthew or Jennifer 😉 then hear is your opportunity.

Ben and Jerry’s Open Air Cinemas are popular outdoor event for families and couples across Australia, with feature films lighting up the large outdoor screens once the sun goes down. I have been to a few myself and I can’t recommend it enough. With set-ups in nearly every capital city, you can enjoy delicious foods and refreshing drinks at the licensed bar before settling in for a relaxing evening under the stars.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 7.53.45 pm

How to book: Check out the full program below to make bookings. If a film doesn’t sell out, you can also purchase tickets in person at the gate.

Food: There is a wide range of snacks and more filling fare to keep your tank running all afternoon and into the evening. And you might have guessed, there’s mouthwatering Ben & Jerry’s to cool down on those balmy evenings.

Drink: Our fully-licensed bar is stocked with all manner of beverages from frosty beers to sparkling whites and Aussie reds, and of course some great non-alcoholic offerings.

Seating: Bring a picnic blanket or hire a comfy bean lounger – Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas suit whatever your style may be! The only thing we would say is get in early to grab the best spots as seating is unreserved.

For further information regarding movies, tickets or to hire chairs/beanbags, refer to the below links.

Sydney Information: http://openaircinemas.com.au/sydney/home
Melbourne Information: http://openaircinemas.com.au/melbourne/home
Brisbane Information: http://openaircinemas.com.au/brisbane/home
Perth Information: http://openaircinemas.com.au/perth/home
Adelaide Information: http://openaircinemas.com.au/adelaide/home
Canberra Information: http://openaircinemas.com.au/canberra/home

So for all you city dwellers, looking for a date night idea? Head on down to your nearest Ben and Jerry outdoor cinema and enjoy a romantic night out under the stars.

If your trying to remember the romantic scene from The Wedding Planner then just check out the clip above 🙂

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