Romantic Beliefs and Superstitions

How many people felt apprehensive when they woke this morning and remembered it was Friday the 13th? I must admit I had forgotten the significance of the day until I had to pencil a reminder on my calendar, by then half of my day was over. Once my brain registered the date I began wondering where my neighbour’s black cat was and hoped the ladder was packed away in the garage. Why do so many people feel superstitious on Friday the 13th?

The origins are not very clear nonetheless we do know that people have been matching Friday and the number 13 since around the time of Christ’s crucifixion. Friday or ‘Good Friday’ being the day the crucifixion took place and 13 being the number of people present at the last supper. There is the belief that Abel was murdered by his brother Cain on <drum roll> Friday the 13th. There are also some scholars who believe Eve tempted Adam with the forbidden fruit on a Friday.

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With our history clouded with such bad luck all surrounding one particular date, it is no wonder society feels such fear and uncertainty. In fact some people feel so marred by the day that they will take the day off work, not purchase anything of value or refuse to travel for fear that something may go wrong. Now you can understand a person wanting to exercise caution when you remember the mini stock market crash of Friday the 13th, 1989. After a few terms could not be finalised, the 6.75 billion dollar buyout for United Airlines hit the skids and triggered a market collapse.

There are some people who won’t buy a new car on black friday for fear of crashing their shiny new toy. I can understand the reason for this though. According to RACQ Insurance data, it was 25% more likely that a motorist would experience a multi vehicle crash on a Friday than any other day of the week. The insurance claims also showed single vehicle crashes were 10% more likely to happen on a Friday. Hmmm…. So buying a new car on Friday the 13th may not be such a good idea, there are many people who feel that not following specific superstitions in their relationship can be bad luck. Some of these rituals do have scientific interpretations to them however most of them are simply beliefs.

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Below is a list of superstitious beliefs that if followed, will bestow health and prosperity to your relationship.

– Before Christian Grey made them popular, padlocks or the love lock has been a tradition in Russia where couples would lock their padlock to a bridge. Typically the lovers initials are inscribed on the padlock and its key is thrown away to symbolise their unbreakable love.

– The Goonies may have thought it was fun, but in Italy it is believed that if you throw three coins into the Trevi Fountain, the first coin guarantees you will return to Rome, the second coin will lead to a new romance and the third will lead to marriage.

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– They may love to spin a good yarn, but when it comes to their beloved Shamrocks, the Irish become very superstitious. It is believed that the four leaf clover is a symbol for the Holy Trinity. By wearing a four-leaf clover, good luck will be blessed upon the bearer.

These beliefs have been handed down from generation to generation and many legends have been made. It is your personal choice whether to believe them or not, but before you make any plans for the 13th of March or the 13th of November consider this. If you do venture out of your home, salt is considered good luck by many cultures around the world. To rid any forms of bad luck all you need to do is throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder. Just make sure no one is standing behind you…..or you will have more bad luck than you started with 🙂

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