Dark Obsession by Cynthia Eden

Awww we like them bad boys’ woohoo and it seems the badder they are the more we like it. Now if Christian Grey tried to whoop my bare butt hard enough to bring tears to my eyes he would be wearing a crop as a neck brace. But when Chance, Lex or Dev give you one of their panty dropping stares, you just know your going to be in for some hard lovin’.

I would just love to be a fly on the wall in author Cynthia Eden’s office. Could you imagine the cheeky look she must have on her face when she writes her steamy novels….wohoo I would think it would get mighty hot in her home. Reading enticing novels about such scorchingly seductive and strong alpha males tends to get me hot under the colour, imagine Cynthia writing them. I have to hand it to Cynthia, her Dark Obsession series is captivating. Chance Valentine, Lex Jensen and Devlin Shade are about as alpha as they get. That  – ‘I know what I want, and I want it now’ – can be tiring, but with these guys it just feels so right. They are buff, they have the experience to handle any situation and they will do anything to protect the women they love.

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Watch Me is the first book from Cynthia Eden’s trilogy series Dark Obsession. The romantic suspense revolves around security specialist and bodyguard Chance Valentine, and sexy socialite Gwen Hawthorne. When Gwen’s father contacts Chance and asks for his help to protect his daughter, Chance jumps at the opportunity to protect the one woman who makes his palms sweaty and his loins burn 😉 During the story Chance and his team of security experts try to uncover who is trying to hurt Gwen while poor Chance tries not to let Gwen find out about his little secret. hmmm. Its not a heavy read, no deep plots just a good old fashioned romance to keep you entertained.

Want Me is the second book in the series and is about sexy Mr Jensen. He is big, he is broad and buff and he will do what it takes to protect the woman he has fallen for. Since rescuing Sophie Sarantos in the first book, Lex just hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her. She is a strong independent woman who has a madman after her. She thinks she will be fine until she is nearly killed in her home one night. Lex of course takes her under his wings….or in this case his strong arms and take her on the ride of her life 😉 Ok, he gets the bad guys and all is good in their world…..or is it?

The next book Need Me will be about Mr Devlin Shade. The intelligence expert, the one who is great with his hands 😉 oh get your brains out of the gutter lol….he is good with electronics! ha-ha Julianna Smith is under suspicion for killing her husband. Who better to help protect her and find out who the real killer is, but….you guessed it, Mr Shade himself. Awww your intrigued aren’t you;) Need Me has a release date of February 24th according to author Cynthia Eden’s website. Click on the links below and find out what has been keeping me up late at night.

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