Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

It seems that Fifty Shades of Grey is on everyones lips, and after looking at the latest statistics on it is no wonder. In the U.S alone the much anticipated film racked in an estimated $94.4 million in sales which made Universals erotic movie the largest four-day Presidents Day weekend debut of all time. It even grossed more than the four-day start of 2010’s Valentine’s Day by a very impressive 49.5 percent. According to as of the 16th of February, Fifty Shades of Grey had grossed $172 million in foreign/overseas sales, thats a great big whopping $266.5 million in worldwide sales! Yes movie producers, keep pouring the champagne 😉

It wasn’t just the ‘kaching kaching’ that could be heard throughout cinemas across Australia. The tantalising erotic movie left movie goers with heart palpitations and sweaty palms. The lack of popcorn boxes being deposited into recycle bins can only be explained by the need to cover certain body parts while fleeing with partners in tow.

Most of us knew how popular E L James erotic series has become, but how did we know the film version would be any good? Did we even care? Have we become so desperate for a good erotic tale that any version of the steamy novel would have done? Since the 1990’s there has been a significant drop in toe curling steamy romance to hit the big screen, with movies such as Basic Instinct, Eyes Wide Shut, Wild Things and Sliver nothing but a distant memory.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.19.52 am

So what is it about Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele that has had millions of men and women filling cinema seats across not just Australia but the world? The popularity of the story seems to be based on several issues. That women enjoy sex just as much as men do (surprise – surprise 😉 and that unlike certain pay per view movies available online today, women prefer their handcuffs and spanking with a side serve of sophistication and handsomely articulate monogamous men. Its not all about the guy and yes, women do in fact like to be ravished by mr confident who will also take them out for an intimate dinner for two.

Even though the movie highlights several different aspects of the BDSM theme, something which has not been prevalent in previously released erotic movies, the film was primarily based on the interaction between the two lead characters. The erotica isn’t an underlining storyline to a bigger plot involving murder, treason or any other drama. Fifty Shades of Grey is about Christian and Anastasia, their relationship and what they want from it.

Now its not just a roll in the sheets for 2 hours, its about character, its about growing and evolving as a person. Its about learning about another person and discovering affection in all its dimensions. Its about what you would be willing to do and how far would you be willing to go for someone you care for and it is about expectations and even sacrifice. This is why the movie and novel have been so controversial. Would you tolerate what Anastasia has put herself through? Could you? How would you feel if your friend was in a relationship like Anastasia’s?

If you have not read the books or seen the movie then I have provided some links below, the rest is up to you (NOTE: the general information regarding BDSM is for those who are 18 years of age or older).

Amazon Author Page

What Is BDSM?

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