Three, Two, One by J A Huss

Three, Two, One is the new book by Author J A Huss. I don’t know what to think about it! It isn’t often I read a book that leaves me questioning mown morals. On one hand its deeply disturbing, highly inappropriate and just down right shallow. Prostitution, pimping, my god…everything lacking in the world is in this book. On the other hand it is deeply emotional and simply breathtaking. It’s a wth?…. omg! and plenty of ooh’s that will also keep you enthralled and reaching for a box of Kleenex.

Three, Two, One – what a simplistic name for a story that revolves around such a complex trio of individuals. New York Times and USA Today Bestseller J A Huss has written a mind blowing book that will leave you feeling completely floored. Here is Ms Huss’s teaser –

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.28.20 am

Battered, barefoot, and huddled under a bookstore awning in the pouring rain, Blue only knows one thing. After fifteen months of captivity, finally… she is free.

Self-made millionaires JD and Ark are not out to save anyone when they stumble upon a wet and shivering girl one early Sunday morning. But when you sell sex for a living and salvation rings your bell… you answer the call.

After years of searching, love lifts the veil of darkness, and three people–with three very big secrets–find themselves bound together in a relationship that defies the odds.

Now this book for all its hotness is not a “traditional” styled romance book. Its not full of dreamy, seductive characters, its raw – in your face, confronting sex that gives you an entirely new perspective of affection and commitment. Is there any love in the story? well there is plenty of loving 😉 or just plain getting it on. The book revolves around adult entertainment, and is the sole reason for how these characters come together in the first place.

The story begins in a confrontational manner, but once you read past the initial shallow start, you will find yourself deeply involved in the story. Secrets are revealed, lives are torn apart and agendas will be questioned. The story is dark, deep and will bring you to your knees. Like any good book, Three, Two, One will leave you feeling very emotional. Its lust at it’s worst, its a passion that will leave you questioning your own morals and its a love that blossoms in the most unusual of circumstances. To help you make up your mind, click on the links below.

Amazon Author Page


Angus and Robertson

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