Mr Patient

Ok ladies, what is the one thing guys cringe more about than suggesting he gets a back wax?….yes I hear you – shopping! At the mere suggestion that we visit the local shopping mall, my partner will begin counting off a list of “urgent” jobs that require his immediate attention. Things that he has never mentioned before such as the tap has been dripping in the backyard or that he has heard strange noises coming from the roof. Apparently the life of our dear neighbours cat hangs in the balance if I don’t let him check the roof cavity to make sure the fluff ball hasn’t snacked on the electrical cables. Yeh….aha….right!

What is it about a trek to the mall that has men turning pale and looking for an excuse to do anything but spend an enjoyable day out? Its not like we are asking them to donate a kidney! It’s simply a trip to the local store….or stores ūüėČ nothing stressful. Just a quick jaunt to find a gorgeous pair of strappy sandals, a nice shirt for him and maybe a romantic movie at the cinema. Fun, fun….fun!

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Now I am sure you will all agree with me, shopping is an investment. Oh I can hear some snickers from the men out there, but its true. Think about it, we all like to feel good about ourselves. Its an intricate part of who we are, when we look and feel good we feel more confident in ourselves which in turn is reflected in our¬†intimate relationship. If we went to bed looking like we had been dragged through a¬†barnyard – messy hair, no makeup, daggy old sweatshirt…would our partners be able to rise to the occasion? hmmm…..some still might… but if we were to put in the extra effort and style our hair, apply some mascara and lip gloss, and slip into a sexy little negligee from Victorias Secret….well I am sure he would have no problem at all ūüėČ

It seems that you can try to take the man to the mall but he still hasn’t left the cave! Yes, no matter how hard we try men of the 21st century have not lost the urge to be hunters and gatherers…..just not the fabric kind.¬†Mens shopping habits tend to reflect their caveman past.¬†When men do visit a store, they tend to head straight to the area that supplies the item they require. They¬†don’t tend to browse or visit every other store to compare sizes, colours and styles.

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Now while I have mentioned that most men don’t like shopping, there is the very rare male who doesn’t seem to¬†mind¬†spending time with their partners at the local shopping mall. They will even hold their girlfriends bags and sit patiently while giving supportive advice and encouragement. I even met one such couple over the weekend while I was at Forever New at the Chadstone Shopping Centre.¬†Chev and John were such a¬†gorgeous couple that I couldn’t help but watch them interact. John walked around the store helping Chev select items and even sat patiently in one of the stores cushioned chairs while Chev came out and showed him each outfit. The young couple looked so¬†gorgeous together, I couldn’t help but smile at the obvious affection they shared. There were even comments from other patrons in the store regarding how cute the couple were….see guys, its not that hard ūüôā

So your guy needs a new pair of jeans or a nice new shirt for work, how do you get him to the stores? The best way around the dilemma seems to be to ask him to meet you there. Leave home mid morning and ask your loved one if he would like to meet you at one of the coffee shops or cafes for lunch. If you know this will stress him too much, ask him to meet you at the jeans shop. After a quick bite or a visit to 1 or 2 stores at most, let him catch up with what ever it is he needs to do (rescuing the neighbours cat) or leave the shopping centre together.

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All relationships require compromise and while spending most of the day at a shopping centre might be fun for you, most guys would much rather risk getting a fish hook caught in their butt. There are always going to be times when we need to be flexible. So he doesn’t like shopping all day, it really isn’t a big deal. Make plans to meet up later in the day. Talk¬†to each other and once you have both considered the fairness of the situation stick with it. Not all guys are like John, but we love them anyway.

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