The Bachelorette Farted!

I have experienced a few date night embarrassing moments but I can honestly say nothing like this ever happened to me. Oh, I sneezed and nearly shot a mouthful of peas and corn, and once had a fish bone caught in my throat which caused me to panic and grab my date in a death grip, thinking I was about to die…but letting one go….nah ahh. Unfortunately for New Zealand’s The Bachelor contestant Poppy, the world got to witness her dating shame.

The show’s handsome 26 year old bachelor Arthur Green took the 24 year old yoga instructor on a romantic beachside picnic and as she was about to sit down on the blanket Poppy let a few bodily functions rip! And they were not hard to hear, in fact by the time the second woop escaped, you just knew what had happened. Whats even funnier is bachelor Arthur didn’t even ignore or hide the fact, he just came right out with the obvious “Did you just fart?” rofl……omg…. By now Poppy had covered her face with her hands in mortification and laughed.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.16.18 pm

The Bachelorette New Zealand

Omg, I have played the clip over and over and no matter how many times I think I couldn’t possibly find it any more funny, I click play and crack up all over again. It’s everyones worst dating nightmare, and for the adorable young Poppy, it is her dating disaster loaded onto news networks and YouTube for everyone to play over and over again. To make matters worse there was Poppy’s hilarious comment… “I slipped in the sand”, and to everyone who has watched the video clip, theres Arthur fabulous comeback… “squeaky sandy hey?!!” rofl…….

For goodness sake, my tummy muscles hurt now from laughing. I am trying to write this post but the clip just gets me every time I watch it. It’s our worst nightmare, played out for the world to see and whats worse is that many of us can relate to Poppys experience. We have all had something go dreadfully wrong on a date. For me not knowing how to eat fish and chopping up my smoked trout like a steak was bound to end in disaster. I thought all fish where deboned, but I quickly learned during that date, that was not the case! To make matters worse, my date was a chef and unlike Arthur he didn’t find it quite so funny….bastard!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.14.13 pm

The Bachelorette New Zealand

Fortunately for the New Zealand’s shows UK contestant, Poppy kept her chin up and just rolled with it. In fact her bio, available on the shows website, is a testimony to her character “Nothing happens to those who aren’t afraid to look silly every once and a while”. Well I agree with you Poppy, and I commend your strong character, and believe it has added to the entertainment value of the show. There are times when we just cannot control everything, and I am sure you would agree that despite our best efforts our body functions is definitely not one of them.

If you haven’t seen the clip, I have posted it below for your entertainment….sorry Poppy, I wasn’t going to…but I couldn’t help myself. If you are game, add a comment below and tell me in a few short sentences any embarrassing dating experiences you have endured. I promise to not edit or repost in any other form, but if you want to share your story, my followers and I would be more than happy to read and sympathise with you 🙂

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