Ticees by Shae Mills

I am a mess today, my eyes are still puffy and I look like I have been dragged through a haystack. My youngest daughter braided my hair last night and today its sticking up in every direction imaginable. I should tame the mess but I have been busy going over my notes from last night and re-reading chapters. Despite how sleep deprived I feel and how drained I am emotionally, Shae Mills book ,Ticees, has taken a hold of me and I want more!

After being taken from Earth and left to recover onboard the intergalactic battleship Ribus 7, Chelen’s life is constantly thrown into chaos by the warriors who are trying to protect her. Surrounded by a society of men and women who’s view of love and monogamy is at odds with her own upbringing Chelan is left questioning what is right and wrong. When her choices leave her fighting for her life, you can’t help but feel the loneliness and heartbreak that is her life aboard the intergalactic destroyer. Life doesn’t get any easier once she arrives on the warriors home planet Iceanea, and once she meets the Galactic Emperor Ticees, her life becomes that much harder.

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Ticees is the second book from Shae Mills’ Ribus 7 series and it is a fabulous sci-fi/fantasy book. It really can not be read without reading the first book. I actually purchased this book first via Amazon Kindle and by the time I was half way through the second chapter I realised the mistake I made. You can try and read the second book first but you won’t be able to keep up with the characters and circumstances without knowing how the lead character Chelan found herself on a strange planet in the first place.

The Prologue to Ticees actually takes you back before Chelan left for her vacation, and gives a really good insight into her character and why she has such a difficult time coming to terms with her situation. By the time you reach the first few chapters you just want to jump into the story and give her a big hug. In fact the entire book has so many twists and turns, and so many challenges for Chelan that you just want to wrap the girl up and whisk her away. How on earth she manages to stay strong and keep on forging ahead is beyond me, I think I would have given up in the first book.

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Shae Mills has written such a fabulous story that its no wonder she is getting so many fabulous reviews. Ticees is written extremely well, the way Shae Mills describes everything in such wonderful detail is absolutely amazing. You don’t have to struggle to understand where the characters are or what they are doing in any given moment. You can actually imagine yourself standing in the magnificent structures and you can picture exactly what they are looking at or referring to. The world building is quite simply superb.

Ticees, you just want to grab him by the throat and choke the life from him. One minute you think he is the best thing since sliced bread, and the next you want to cry in frustration. The leading male character is Korbus, however there is more than one man of importance in Chelan’s life and one of the reasons for her internal struggles. Korbus is not just any warrior and despite his own upbringing and brutal life would not hurt a fly on Chelans head. His love and devotion caused many tears to run down my cheeks last night and had me trying to blow my nose in the bathroom as quietly as possible.

I simply cannot put into words how fabulous this book is. The story is gripping, a great big emotional roller coaster that you will not be able to put down. Chelen’s struggles are heart wrenching and heartbreaking. If you enjoy reading a fabulous sci-fi/fantasy book that is incredibly well written and fabulously captivating then Ribus 7 and Ticees will be perfect for you. To find out more in regards to the series, refer to the links below.

Amazon Author Page


Angus and Robertson

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