Happy Birthday Sarah Jessica Parker

Happy Birthday to one of my most favourite people in the world, the petite and adorable Sarah Jessica Parker. The actress spent the day with her hubby Matthew Broderick, 12 year old son James and 5 year old twin girls Loretta and Tabitha. According to Sarah’s Instagram, she was spoiled with breakfast in bed and a day out with her gorgeous family to the Empire State Building. By the looks of her last posted pic, it seems the birthday girl was taken out for a romantic dinner 😉 is that an Appletini or a Cosmo I see?…

Ever since I first watched Sarah in her 1985 chick flick Girls Just Want to Have Fun, she has been my idol. In fact, I remember copying her dance moves from the popular teen flick in my bedroom, only I couldn’t quite get the hair flip right without knocking myself out on my bunk bed!

Throughout Sarah’s career, she has starred in many successful movies and tv shows from L A Story (1991), The First Wives Club (1996) and Failure to Launch (2006) to the hugely successful tv series Sex and The City. I am actually going to insert a little bragging rights here – I actually saw Sarah in Greenwich Village while travelling the U.S three years ago. I was in Manhattan’s west side on the Sex and The City tour and wanted to see if I could find Carries apartment. The tour guide told us where it was but due to the buildings current owner, tour groups were banned from taking patrons to the site. That didn’t stop us from trying though lol – hey I was on the trip of a lifetime….I was getting my moneys worth.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.11.33 pm

After walking around in circles, I gave up trying to find ‘Carries Apartment’ and decided to walk back to Magnolia Bakery. While meandering along one of the side streets south of the bakery I spotted this skinny little petite woman in black pants and a great big black wrap around cardigan and large sunglasses walking on the opposite side of the road. WTF – I know that hair, I know that face…I know that nose!!! It took my brain all of about 2 seconds, could it be? nah….I know she lives in Greenwich Village but…really?!? so we kind of walked coincidently in the same direction as her 😉 and after 2 blocks she turned right and by the time we caught up she was gone.

When I returned to the tour bus I spoke to our tour guide and explained were I was and who I thought I saw. To my surprise the tour guide told me it would most definitely have been her as that is were she lives. She asked me to not mentioned the address to anyone else as she is entitled to her privacy. So two days later we went back! I found Carries Apartment, there is signage on the trees outside the terrace advising it is against city by-laws to take any photographs in the vicinity of the building! But I was just happy to have found it….I got to see Sarah, Carries house, Magnolia Baker, Scouts Place (O’Nieals), The Pleasure Chest and the church where Samantha meet the Friar 😉 It was one of the best holidays I have ever had!!!

So to Sarah… happy birthday to one of the most fabulous, sincere, down to earth people who will always be my idol – Cheers 🙂

x x x


Ellen’s Stardust Diner New York


O’Nieal’s Grand Street Bar (Scouts Bar)


New York Tour Bus

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