Taking Advantage of Our Loved Ones

Romance isn’t just about receiving a big box of chocolate eggs from your partner – who has also taken the opportunity to wrap his other “present” with red ribbon ūüôā A healthy and fun relationship is about communication, and the more time you spend with your loved one the more important it is that both of you are open and honest with each other. The longer you are together the more we tend to take each other for granted. It’s not necessarily something we plan to do, it just tends to be a consequence of our hectic lives.

We are all so busy, with work, with our families, our kids, sports and hobbies. Finding the time to catch up with work colleagues and our closest friends can be challenging, trying to find quality time with our partners can be even more difficult. At the end of the working day all we want to do is sit down and relax, but the kids and the pets are going to start climbing the walls if they don’t have something substantial in their tummies.

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Dinner, showers, washing and ironing, the kids homework…sometimes we work harder at home than we do in our places of employment. At least at work most of us are entitled to a 10 minute coffee break or a half hour lunch to take a moment and allow our brains to slow down. At home it seems never ending, and the younger your kids, the less time you tend to have for your partner or yourself.

We all have our own internal ‘crap-o-meter’, and when we feel we are reaching it we acknowledge the need to remove ourselves from the situation and take a well earned break. Take a cup of coffee, a glass of wine and perch ourselves on the back porch steps. Aagghhh….in these moments we tend to call for our partners to come to the rescue “Can you bath the kids?”, “Can you help the eldest with his maths homework?”, “Can you feed the dog?” anything your partner can do is great and allows you more time to unwind.

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Now most of our partners are fabulous and pull there weight around the house, but no one is super human. We get tired, and at times we simply need our partner to do more than their fair share. However, there are times when we place too much burden on the shoulders of our loved ones. Asking for a little help is one thing, expecting them to do everything is not fair and will only lead to misery and possibly even grief. We don’t want to push our partners away but we have to be mindful that we don’t expect to much from them.

Not only do we not have super human abilities, we have not found the answer to immortality. Life is bound to knock us down every now and then and we are susceptible to life’s illnesses. We can’t help but lean more on our partners.¬†It is at these times our loved ones will do everything they can to support the family, cook or order dinners, bath the kids and be the emotional tower of strength we need them to be. But most of the time we are all fit and¬†healthy, to expect our partners to cook and clean all the time is unfair.

When we enter into a relationship its because we love¬†everything about them. We adore their spunkiness, their quick wit, their¬†adoration and above everything we love them. Their personality; their brain, their body and their soul. To take advantage of our loved ones and use them because we simply cannot be bothered is just not nice.¬†We all get tired, and it’s in those times we work as a team.¬†Remember why you love your partner, communicating, paying attention and gratitude will go a long way and only make your relationship that much stronger.

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