Michiel Huisman.

If you have seen the teaser trailers to the romantic movie Age of Adeline, then you will be aware of Michiel Huisman. When I watched the official trailer (which is available for viewing on the home page) I have to admit I actually swooned. Yes swooned – you know that ‘agghhh’ moment you experience when you see an incredibly gorgeous guy…. that spontaneous moment you have before your hormones well and truly kick in ūüėČ I actually replayed the clip four times, and I still couldn’t get enough of him!

So who is this gorgeous guy? Michiel aka Mr Gorgeous is a multi talented actor, musician and songwriter that comes from the suburb of Amstelveen, Amsterdam in the Netherlands. We shouldn’t be surprised that Michiel is such a charismatic guy, he was born and raised in one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Amsterdam is well known for its lovely canal boats, candlelit cobblestone streets, historical buildings, beautiful parks and is home to the Restaurant De Kas – the perfect place to visit for intimate dining.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.31.59 pm

Michiel Huisman

Michiel isn’t just a debonaire actor, he also has a wonderful set of vocal chords. Considering he was once the lead singer to the Dutch band Fontane, he could sing to you as you both walk along the many canals and bridges while he shows you around his home town. Oops – my imagination just ran away with me again.

Age of Adeline isn’t his first trek into motion pictures.¬†Michiel played the role of Daario Naharis during the fourth series of Game of Thrones and co-starred in the biographical film Wild opposite Reese Witherspoon. So not only could he throw you over his shoulder and run off with you to his bachelor pad, he could also charm you into your tent lol.¬†He also had a small role in the 2013 blockbuster film World War Z where he played the role of one of the soldiers defending the airport Brad Pitt’s character landed in.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.34.48 pm

Michiel Huisman and Blake Lively

In Age of Adeline, Michiel¬†plays¬†the character of charismatic philanthropist Ellis Jones who, through his great charm and¬†kindness, reignites¬†Adeline’s¬†passion for life and romance…..aaagghhhh. Adeline is careful of who she gets to know as she has kept a secret close to her heart for more than eight decades, but when she meets Ellis’ parents, she is left to make a decision that could change the rest of her life…..forever.

To listen to Michiel sing CLICK HERE If you are looking forward to watching the romantic movie Age of Adeline, it will be in cinemas across Australia from the 16th of April.

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