Perfect Game by Collette West

The Perfect Game is the latest book from Collette Wests baseball series. Each of the books focuses on a member of the New York Kings baseball team, their antics and the women who can supposedly tame them. If you love sports that involve handling balls 😉 and bad boys who think they know what to do with them, then The Perfect Game might be just the story for you.

The story starts of with the latest sporting celebrity to scorch the net with his out of control behaviour Scott Harper and his latest flame and team reporter Carrie McKenzie. The beginning of the story actually throws you off, when I started reading I thought I had missed a few pages, but no – the book actually starts off mid drama. Bizarre…annoying…. but thats the way this book begins. Its the morning after and Carrie is asking for more of a commitment from Scott, but he isn’t known as a womaniser for nothing!

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Perfect Game by Collette West

Throughout the novel, The Kings infuriatingly hot first baseman does a great job driving Carrie up the wall. Despite how good looking the star player is he comes across like an arrogant jerk who any normal confident woman wouldn’t bat an eyelid at, but there is something hidden under that tough facade and Carrie is determined to find out who the real Scott Harper is. Even if she has to undress him quite regularly to find out.

Carrie is a tad annoying at times. I can relate to her feeling insecure, we have all been there, but she goes to some rather funny extremes. She complains about being a size 10, which for those of us who do not live in the states, thats a UK size 12, Japanese size 13 and an Aussie size 14…. in other words – she is Normal! When she sucked in her tummy I wanted to tell her to get over it!…..besides, doing that will only make your boobs bigger.

The banter and sexual tension between the two of them make for great reading. Nothing like bursting out laughing and having your family look at you like your a nutcase lol – I love my books, you would think they would understand by now 🙂 It was also great to see how Collette has incorporated previous characters from the series into the new storyline. Even though some of those characters careers have changed, they are still a part of each others lives in one way or another. Marriages, babies, it is all very sweet to read how close they still are.

So if you would like more information, just click on the links below. If you download, order or pickup a copy of Perfect Game, let me know what you thought of it.

Amazon Author Page


Angus and Robertson

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