Manscaping – Do Men Need It?

I was sitting down with a group of friends recently when after too many glasses of bubbly we started talking about manscaping. Not just our partners plucking nose or ear hairs but what they look like in their birthday suits 🙂 rofl….the things we talk about after consuming a few glasses of alcohol, all I can say is I am glad we have double glazed windows and 6ft high fences!

We all started out rather lady like, but it wasn’t long before we started discussing our partners latest trip for his  “back, crack and sack” and homemade concoctions that really shouldn’t be tried at home! Sometimes I think I have reached a point in my life when I have heard it all, and then someone I know will come out with something that makes me wonder if I should make an hour long appointment for confession.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 5.58.28 pm

I remember when I was young and impressionable, sitting up with the family watching Magnum PI. Do you remember or did you ever see that hit show from the 80’s? It was a hit American tv sitcom about a guy called Thomas Magnum who was a private investigator living in Hawaii. The star of the show was Tom Selleck and he was the guy that most young women had hanging on their bedroom walls…every inch of him, including his moustache! Now I was born in the 70’s, but by the time I was in my late teens even I appreciated Toms tight abs and sexy smile….or what I could see.

Thankfully the leading ladies of our favourite sitcoms these days don’t have to worry about chin rashes or running their fingers through chest rugs, and neither do we. These days most of our partners now clip not just the hair on their heads but they keep on going down, over their chests and down to the hair nestled between their legs! Aha – its not just us women taking it all off! Men these days have embraced trimming and snipping to fine art.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 4.49.34 pm

So now that my partner has forgiven me for trying to get him to show his latest efforts, I have put together a list of do’s and try not too’s 🙂

Trimming the chest and down below
No body wants an eye poked out, wire belongs in fences, not on his chest! A little bit is ok, enough to braid is scary. Use an electric trimmer to thin things down then use a disposable razor and lay down a light cover of shaving cream or its going to hurt. If your working on his marbles down below,  you definitely don’t want to nick him, but you also don’t want to get carried away like Fran Drescher from that other hit 80’s show The Nanny.

Wax your back and shoulders 
In the heat of passion you want to be able to feel each others skin, slide over each others bodies, you don’t want to ‘lose the mood’ because your bracelet got caught in your partners back hair. Get it waxed either by a yourself or by a professional. There are supermarket products available, but if its your first time get it done properly. And take some advice, read the packaging! You don’t want to show up in emergency with a cold pack on his goods because you thought it would be ok to use it down there.

Down below
After a bottle or 2 of wine, one of the conclusions we reached is most women like to see a little bit of something above the goods and no patterns, nice and neat makes it look a treat.

Try not to shave the chest, back and shoulders, within a few days your skin will be so prickly that not only will you feel like a porcupine, your partner wont go near you. Use a clipper or wax, it looks far better and wont irritate either of you.

Some men are unlucky and are hairy all over, including the butt. He may look fabulous in a pair of jeans but it can put a dampener on his mood if you ask him to turn the lights off before he takes them off. While you have the trimmer in one hand and are already on your knees, ask him to turn around…..he might like it. Remember though, once you start trimming that area, it will have to be part of the regular upkeep.

Also…..dont drink alcohol… wont want to sneeze, hiccup or loose your balance while your holding his marbles in one hand and have the razor in the other!

x x x

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