Why We Like Lingerie

Its a fact, men are visually stimulated. Its no secret and most of them are not ashamed to admit to it. Now that may sound a tad chauvinistic and some of you might be getting ready to burn a bra or two, but research has proven that men can become very aroused just by seeing something they like and I don’t mean looking at a hotdog. Both men and women appreciate seeing something thats seductive and pleasing, however men tend to be more prone to physical attraction where women tend to be affected more by environment and emotions.

When you take this into consideration it isn’t at all surprising lingerie companies such as Bendon have become such a huge industry. As you read this article, women of different ages, shapes and sizes are shopping for a cute sexy outfits to seduce their men. Many of us are also purchasing lingerie just for ourselves. The business of selling lingerie is booming and for women around the world we couldn’t be more happier about it. New styles, colours, fabrics and designs are just as much appreciated by us women as it is for men.

Black lacy bras, nude toned thongs, bright corsets and seamless underwear, lingerie has been used as a sexual implement for years and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. So why do us ladies enjoy wearing it? Just as some of us prefer shades rather than vibrant colours, or cotton fabrics more than lace, our reasons for choosing particular styles and designs can be listed below –

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.11.08 pm

* Beautiful lingerie makes us feel good – married, single, dating….it doesn’t matter, when we are wearing something sexy it makes us feel sexy. When we are feeling on top of the world, we feel more confident and improved confidence means better success in all aspects of our lives

* Sexy lingerie feels exhilarating and daring – wearing something that we wouldn’t normally wear can be rather titillating. Meeting up with my partner wearing a sexy little lace thong can be fun. For a little more fun, you could always remove yours and stuff it into your partners shirt pocket to give him something to think about for the remainder of the day 😉

Now its not just us ladies that like to wear something risky and seductive, men being the visual creatures that they are appreciate sexy lacy underwear just as much as we do. In fact some like it even more 😉 Of the men I questioned about lingerie, they all shared the same sentiment. There was nothing sexier than a women wearing something provocative under their clothes or dressing up in something sexy just for her man. The guys I spoke to felt that lingerie showed off a woman’s best assets in a way that everyday clothing couldn’t. One of the guys even went as far as to say that a woman who shows a bit of lace under her shirt shows a woman who is truly confident, and in control of her own needs, and that is very alluring…very hot.

I will continue to purchase lingerie until I am old and grey and my boobs are knocking on my knee caps…..sexy thought…hmm maybe not lol. But while I know my partner goes weak at the knees when I wear it and while I enjoy the feel and the feeling I get when I wear it, I will continue to wear lingerie for a very long time to come.

x x x


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