Married at First Sight

It may be called Married at First Sight but I am hoping Channel Nine’s new documentary/reality show will have a good dose of love at first sight. Aww come on, it’s the romantic in me ūüôā But it wouldn’t be entertainment unless there was a good dose of drama and something tells me those behind Nines’ new show have picked the perfect group of lovesick fools to keep us enthralled and wanting more.

Personally I am glad there will be something new to follow, if I have to watch another renovation show I think I will be tempted to whack myself over the head with a hammer.¬†How many times can we witness a group of 30 something year old couples leave their jobs and risk everything to fix up a dilapidated building in Melbourne’s Inner Eastern suburbs? I once loved the interactions between the couples, but after so many seasons and new television spin offs, I am over it!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 6.17.00 pm

So now that we have something new and exciting to look forward to, what is the show actually about? Picture this…you’re in a large room surrounded by all your close friends and family when all of a sudden a soft heartfelt ballad can be heard playing. Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Michael Buble perhaps? Suddenly the doors at the end of the room open and in walks a young woman in wtf…. white…. is that a wedding dress???? I have seen too many clips on YouTube to see how this could work out…anyone got a bucket?

Now the show¬†isn’t¬†all about¬†something¬†old,¬†something¬†new,¬†something¬†borrowed and the¬†groom¬†just spewed! It is about relationships and if two complete strangers can possibly fall in love. This fun social experiment will be about 8¬†gorgeous¬†singletons and all the highs and lows that go with meeting each others families and learning to live together. Awww¬†this¬†is going to be fun! Think of guys trying to remember to¬†separate¬†the whites from the colours; girls getting fed up with the toilet seat!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 6.16.36 pm

The show has already been a big hit in Denmark, although future shows could be in jeopardy since the network is facing legal trouble. According to a woman named Yaina Williams has claimed the matrimonial reality show was originally her idea. Not only was she not happy about it, she wanted the network to stop airing the show and pay her $$$$. Ms Williams claims she posted her idea to a TV Writers site back in 2011 which was downloaded by one of the executives at Lifetime, owned by A & E Networks.

So while that is being sorted out, the show has been¬†sold and produced in Germany, Holland, the United States, France, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Belgium. Think of all those couples,¬†madly¬†in love….or maybe just mad! Well the hype is gaining momentum here in Australia and it wont be long until we get to see who will¬†remain¬†together or who will end up divorced! I just want the romance, lots and lots of romance ūüôā

Married at First Sight – coming soon to Channel Nine.

x x x

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