Outdoor Fun For Couples

Want to spice things up a bit? Inject some fun and adventure into your relationship while taking advantage of the warmer weather while it lasts. It can be hard to come up with exciting date ideas, even something out of the ordinary that you wouldn’t think of normally doing. Well thanks to Red Balloon, I have put together a list of some fun adventurous ideas to get the blood pumping, the adrenaline glands firing and provide some excitement you wont forget in a hurry.

Now before you panic and wonder what on earth I am up to, I have provided a range of activities that should suit everyone. But the one thing I kept in mind while looking for some fun was that it needed to involve the outdoors. We are all so busy working our butts off, its time to grab your partner by the hand and take on an adventure you will both be talking about for years to come.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 6.26.16 pm

A Ghost Tour – now before you start turning lights on around your home and picturing zombies from The Walking Dead busting down your front door, these tours are some light hearted fun. From old mansions that creak in the night to, mysterious old grave stones and historical old homesteads, you may need a glass of wine  to calm your nerves 🙂

Scenic Flights – aww now this is some fun. Picture flying over one of Australia’s capital cities, the Barossa Valley or maybe over one of our countries beautiful little islands. Enjoy a scenic flight in a fully restored historic plane, you could even be daring and go on an aerobatic flight….. just be sure to make dinner arrangements after your flight.

Harley Rides – Whether its on the back of a roaring motorcycle or a bike trike, enjoy a ride through some of our countries most scenic destinations. Take a tour through the Barossa wine valley, along Victorias Great Ocean Road, over the Sydney Harbour Bridge or along the Mornington Peninsula, this would be one fabulous ride.

Tree Top and Zip Line Adventures – Experience an unforgettable adventure swinging through forests just like Tarzan and Jane….well except you will have a safety harness and wont be trying to ravage “Jane” in the nearby trees 😉 Think of what a fun day out this could be, walking amongst natures wilderness with your partner by your side <swoon).

There are so many fun things to do. You could always go for a walk to your local cafe, maybe visit friends or family….or you could do something different. Live outside the box! Maybe you have a significant event you would like to celebrate or maybe you could spice up a quiet weekend, either way click on the options above and take your partner on a fun outdoor adventure. Live life, make great memories and have fun!

x x x

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