Stand by Your Manhood

I was flicking through when I came across a rather interesting article written by Em Rusciano titled “New ‘bro-bible’ claims feminists have turned men into 2nd class citizens”. That inquisitive part of me was intrigued and so I read the article and wow, I wonder if the author to Stand By Your Manhood, Peter Lloyd, can feel his ears burning?

Why on earth a young guy would write about how terrible it is to be a man in todays society had me baffled. Guys have it bad enough they are now writing books about it? Seems so…..In fact Peter has been feeling frustrated with us mere ladies for quiet some time. The British copywriter and journalist wrote an article for the about his reasons behind suing his local gym, Kentish Town Sports Centre in north London “They ban all men and boys for 442 hours every year – simply because they are male” – (Peter Lloyd)

The article describes Peters frustration at not being able to use the gyms facilities when he deems fit, and that men were not given the same use of gym equipment that were awarded to the women. I would think that if more than one guy requested the same services from management there would be no reason not to offer it, however nowhere in the article could I find any evidence that anyone else other than Peter complained.

It is interesting that he admits in this article that “heterosexual men are naturally attracted to women”  …why thank you for the honest opinion Peter, but its because of some mens open body language and offensive gestures that women do not feel comfortable in the first place. I can only assume enough women brought attention to either uncomfortable behaviour or another valid reason for management to reach their decision.

But it’s not just gyms Peter has a problem with. His latest article in promotes his latest book about why men won’t get married anymore, and that apparently its our fault! His latest article posted online on the 20th of April this year, tells of how “The state of matrimony is not just ailing. It is dying out faster than a mobile phone battery” – (Peter Lloyd). Tell us how you really feel Peter? Oh….he does! The article continues to stick it to women, and not just a little poke…I’m talking a great big jab! He babbles on about such silly things as there being a good chance guys will loose their friends, their respect and oh, I can’t forget their sex life and money because of…drum roll….yes, us women.

After reading these articles I had to wonder, is Peter alone in this way of thinking? How many men feel this way and why would he let such little trivial things like not being able to use the damn gym for 2 hours a week bother him. Really its not a big deal!….or is it? Are men really loosing there identities?

Should I apologise for women across Australia? The world? Women do want the same opportunities afforded to men. Its 2015, it’s not just the fact that high house prices and the general blown out costs of living in Australia are making it difficult to live on just one income, it’s also that we want more. We don’t want to be tied to the kitchen sink, why can’t we rise to the top of big business? I don’t think it is that confusing! What do you think?



Angus and Robertson

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