Are Aussie Men Charming?

From Hugh Jackman to the Hemsworth brothers, when it comes to good-looking guys, we sure know how to make them. Tall and lean, strong arms and washboard abs, Australian men are what I consider some of the most good-looking men in the world (closely followed by Italian men….but that’s another story). So what is it about Aussie guys that cause women all around the world to go ga ga?

In the 80’s we had Mick Dundee aka Paul Hogan to promote our love for the outdoors, respect for deadly creatures and fit physiques. Today we have Hugh, Liam and Chris to thank for our new surge of interest from hormone driven women around the world. After the release of such alpha hollywood blockbusters as Thor, Wolverine and The Hunger Games: MockingJay, it is no wonder women are fantasising about getting a piece of Mr trim, taught and terrific down under. But are Aussie guys really all that fabulous?

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“There is a masculinity about them. They tend to be loyal, upfront and honest” said 22 year old Caitlin from Prahran, Victoria. “But their recklessness and tenacity can be confronting and unsettling. They can be very forward about sex”. Australian men may lack finesse when it comes to women, but how do they compare to men from other countries?

After travelling the United States 2 years ago, I was struck by how polite American men were. No matter where I was, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York City or Los Angeles, men always used their manners. “Excuse me ma’am, thank you ma’am”. They would open and hold doors for me and if I was waiting patiently in line to see a show or visit an exhibition they would usher me forward. And it wasn’t just me, I watched it happen time and time again. Has that ever happened to me here on home soil? Never!


Now I know what some of you are thinking, that’s just part of their culture, Southern hospitality and all, but that just wasn’t the case. I was in New York City, trying to work may way around the subway system and men from different ages would use their manners, hold a door open and even one guy helped me with my suitcase up a flight of stairs exiting the subway in Grand Central Station. A few weeks ago I was rushing to the Jetstar terminal at Tullamarine Airport and no one would even hold the elevator for me. A few weeks in the States to a lifetime in Australia could not compare.

Now I’m not comparing all guys, there are lots of very fine men in Australia and I just so happen to be with one of them 😉 but the difference in manners between countries and what is obviously considered normal behaviour was very noticeable and left me wondering. So why don’t more Aussie guys use their charm? Not to be confused with wit or sarcasm but good old fashioned charm, using manners and being polite.

There are plenty of guys dressing up on the weekends and heading out to local pubs, bars and restaurants, but you rarely see a guy holding a door open. Making a great lasting impression can come down to those seemingly insignificant things you do. Australians have the best sense of humour and thankfully don’t take everything seriously, which can be a good thing, life is stressful enough. But throw in a little charm and a sprinkling of manners and men will find meeting and getting to know women a whole lot easier and a lot more fun.

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