Night Out With Ricky Martin

“Here we go! olay, olay, olay. Go, go, go! olay, olay, olay. Tonight’s the night, we’re gonna celebrate; The cup of life olay, olay, olay”….. I still have the song going over in my head. We had such a wonderful night out last Saturday that I just had to share it with you all. A romantic dinner followed by some rumba with Ricky, it just doesn’t get much better than that!

Our night started off with a short taxi ride into the city followed by a nice relaxing stroll to The Meatball and Wine Bar in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. Upon our arrival we noticed a small group vacating a table towards the rear of the restaurant, perfect timing. Seated in an alcove we soon relaxed in our little corner surrounded by sparsely placed hanging lights and tea candles. The waitress returned with a menu and cocktail list and before too long we were sitting back in our little piece of heaven, my partner sipping on a cold beer and me on a delicious lemon cello frizz.


Ricky Martin Rod Laver Arena

Meatballs – I don’t know why I thought there would be more, but if you are thinking of visiting and expecting a few other options, there are very few. But this is ok, as we found out on Saturday night, their meatballs are absolutely amazing! My partner had a beef and wild boar dish from the specials board and I had pork balls with white creamy sauce. The pasta was the homemade pasta of the day and cooked to perfection. It was simply delicious, our tummies were thankful and we couldn’t have been more content.

Everything was fabulous until around 6.45pm when the staff decided to turn up the music. Frank Sinatra, maybe something else sultry and fitting for your surrounding? No, the one issue I had was the music. Kanye West rapping out his heavy lyrics which included a lot of F### words appeared to be in contradiction to the restaurants apparent intimate theme. Ambient – yes, romantic – very much so, food – fabulous, service – until the music went up and everything felt confrontational, it was great. I looked at other tables to see patrons not looking very happy. I asked the waitress if she could possibly turn it down and perhaps change the CD and she said no!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.51.33 pm

Ricky Martin in Australia

So we paid for our meals and left! We walked the short distance to the Rod Laver Arena in time to see Delta Goodrem commence her performance. The fact that she hasn’t released anything worth mentioning over the past few years was obvious, nearly all the songs she sang was from her first 2 albums, released more than 10 years ago. To say her performance was lacking would be kind. If she just stuck to the way she sung on her albums all would have been good, but she was up and down and all over the place. When she should have sung a high note she was deep, and vice versa which made it difficult to sing along.

Thankfully she left the stage and after I made a quick stop to the nearest rest room and refreshment bar I returned to a full arena and an exciting atmosphere. Here we go…..the lights dimmed, the music was pumped up and the fantastic light show got the crowd on their feet. Ricky’s latest song Mr Put It Down had begun and the gorgeous Puerto Rican entertainer known for his catchy songs and humanitarian work was lowered to the stage. The night had truly begun. Ricky had the crowd on their feet for the majority of the evening, dancing along to his hit songs “Come With Me”, “Livin’ la Vida Loca”, “She Bangs” and “Maria” to name a few. Jackson Thomas who was mentored by Ricky on The Voice 2014 joined Mr Latino on stage for a few songs which was nice. I am not a fan of Jackson, he was ok, but was he good enough to be on stage? Delta made another appearance which I have to admit my first thought was “oh no, she is going to ruin this song” but I will give Delta her due. She actually sang normally, didn’t try to overdo her performance and sang beautifully.

So after 2 hours of “Shaking our Bon-Bons” 😉 we caught a taxi home, I ripped off my heels and sat down with a nice hot cup of tea. Phew!!….What a night! The 43 years old still has some fabulous moves 😉 Mitch and I had so much fun!!! One thing is for sure, I will be checking restaurant reviews next time we go out for dinner and next time Ricky comes to town, I will make sure we have tickets again!

x x x

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