What Do You Have Planned For Mothers Day?

This coming Sunday, May the 10th, mums across Australia will be pampered and loved for the wonderful women they are. And its not just our mums, our grandmothers and great grandmothers, mothers in law and step mums are all celebrated for the support, advice and love they give to us throughout the year. What do you have planned?

When I lived only a short hop skip and a jump from my mum, taking her out to lunch, to the movies and having my family over for dinner was a wonderful occasion. Since moving to Melbourne I can no longer wander over to her house and give her a big hug. I am hundreds of kilometres from my ma now, and I miss her heaps!!! But come sunday I still want my mum to know she is very much loved, greatly missed and very much appreciated.

So what do I plan on doing? My mum has diabetes, so chocolates are a big no-no! My mum loves flowers and perfume so I am going to arrange something along those lines. The Flower Factory have a great selection of flowers from beautiful vase arrangements, flower baskets and bouquets. If your mum does love chocolate, Edible Blooms have a wonderful option to the garden variety. Both companies offer Australia wide delivery for those of us unable to be with our mums.

Adore Beauty have all your favourite and well loved perfumes such as Roberto Cavalli, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs just to name a few and if you have a peek, you will see lots of really good discounts. They also have free shopping on all orders and even give you free samples on orders over the value of $30. Before you order, have a peek at My Beauty Spot, I was just on their website and some of their perfumes are cheaper, but you only get free shipping on orders over $30.

If you’re looking for something different like treating your mum to a relaxing spa treatment, massage or a pedicure then Red Balloon have lots of wonderful offers. I have used them and have found them to be fabulous. They actually have over 200 Mother’s Day deals with a great saving of up to 50% on great outdoor experiences and indoor treats.

Does your mum read books? romance perhaps? I always ask everyone if they read romance 😉 its one of those decadent little vice in life I thoroughly enjoy as do many others. Even if your mum doesn’t read romance Booktopia and Angus & Robertson have a fabulous variety to choose from. They both have different offers and discounts depending on genre etc, worth having a look. Booktopia charge a $6.95 fee per order, Angus & Robertson have free delivery for any orders over $30.

I hope the information above has helped you, its always difficult trying to decide what to get our mums. Regardless of what you buy, I am sure your mum will appreciate your thoughts and kindness. In the end its not about how much you spend, it about letting our mums know how much we love them. Cook your mum a nice dinner, take her out for a coffee, or if you can’t be with her maybe I have helped with a few ideas. Please leave a message and let me know what you have planned for your wonderful mum.

x x x


My mum and I

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