Testament of Youth Movie Review

I would like to say a great big thank you to Trevor for providing his review for the latest romantic movie to hit cinemas across Australia, Testament of Youth. If you are unsure about the movie and are making up your mind whether or not to see it, Trevor’s fabulous review below will help you to decide.

Testament of Youth: Movie Review – Trevor
Directed by James Kent
Starring Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones) Alicia Vikander, (Anna Karenina), Taron Egerton, and Colin Morgan

This film adapted from Vera Brittain’s best selling memoir of personal events that happened to her during the First World War. This is a love story but it is also a story of great loss and grief. It could really be nothing else, set as it is against the back story of the First World War.

Relationships are started optimistically only to be interrupted as men go off to the war in 1914 that “would be over by Christmas”. Brittain as a young woman in 1914 is close to her brother and his friends and begins a very proper relationship with Roland (Kit Harrington) who along with his friends enlists in the army. Always determined to “do her bit” Vera gives up her studies at Oxford University to become a nurse in England and then later in France during the fighting. Her experiences leave an indelible mark on her to the extent that she is unable to enter into the celebrations at the end of the war.

The acting is outstanding, never melodramatic and always believable and we are constantly reminded of the palpable effects of this conflict not only on Brittain herself but on the entire British populace.

– Trevor.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 3.10.35 pm

Testament of Youth

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