To Hold or Not to Hold

You see them everywhere. In the supermarkets, the cinemas even walking past your home. They don’t care who sees them, and if you are caught staring at them you can make them angry. They can be any age, can be from different countries and from different cultural backgrounds. They can live next door to you, be your work colleague or even be a member of your family. Who am I referring to? …..the hand holders of course 😉

Why do people do it? Well its a bit like asking why do people dance, or why do people cuddle. Quite simply its because it makes people feel good. When we hold hands with a loved one we feel connected, bonded to each other. It can be a sign of respect and devotion. When a couple are holding hands in public it can be a sign to others that they are committed to each other.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.56.54 pm

Beyonce and JayZ Crazy in Love

Now this can make some people feel all cute and cuddly, but there are many people who look upon hand holding as a form of intrusion on their personal space. Feeling a loss of control to their limbs, even if affectionate, can feel suffocating and unbearable

Some people feel that hand holding is a form of dominance and is nothing more than controlling behaviour. By holding your partners hand tightly, he or she can forcibly removed a loved one from a conversation or situation they do not feel comfortable with. Is this controlling behaviour or someone who cares and is leading or protecting a loved one from getting hurt?

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.00.40 pm

Blake Lively and Deadpool oops Ryan Reynolds

Hand holding should be treated like any other type of familiarity in a relationship. Talk to your partner about how you feel and why. Maybe a past lover or friend used this form of affinity with you as a tool to control. Maybe one of you simply does not like it as it as seen as grotty.

Whatever the reason talk to each other. Holding hands can be a romantic gesture. A simple unspoken way of showing affection and simply telling them you love them.

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