Taylor Swift Makes Time For Calvin Harris

Despite last nights federal budget release, Australians will still be working long hours, trying to make ends meet and struggling to find the time to pursue a fun filled social life. Whether you are single and actively dating or in a relationship, it can be hard to concentrate on romance when we are worrying about finances and job security.

When it comes to enjoying a social life and taking your loved one out on the town, the most common dilemma I hear from friends and family is trying to find the time. High property values have meant more and more couples and families are having to move further away from Australia’s inner city suburbs which in turn have meant more time spent travelling to and from work. We may be saving money on our mortgage repayments but our social and personal lives are suffering.

Both government agencies and private enterprise are squeezing more from staff for greater productivity. Employers may be cutting back on staff to save a few dollars, but the pressure on remaining staff has been adding to a greater number of Australian employees suffering from stress related disorders such as panic and anxiety attacks.

I am sure you have heard or have been told this before – If we don’t take time to slow down a bit and as the old saying goes “take time to smell the roses”, you, your partner, your friends even me….we can simply burn out. In order to have healthy relationships and happy families, we must reduce the amount of stress in our lives.

Its not just us everyday folk who are trying to find time to maintain a healthy relationship, even well known entertainers like Taylor Swift and her current squeeze Calvin Harris are battling with free time. “Taylor doesn’t want to miss a minute with Calvin, she loves being with him,” the source said. “That’s why she went along to watch him perform at Wango Tango. She knows she’s going to be busy on her world tour, and will miss him hugely when they’re apart.” – news.com.au

So how can we make the time for some much needed romance with our loved ones? We are always setting priorities at work, we simply need to apply the same concept in our personal lives by scheduling time for dating and personal pursuits. Below are some ideas for making more time in your life for some stress-free fun and romance –

* Allocate one day a fortnight for date night. Think of it as time out – with benefits 😉 Got young children? Ask a family or friend, or get a babysitter and depending on your budget you can do one of the following – Go to the movies. $40.00 for you and your loved one, sit back and unwind with the latest comedy or romantic flick. Go out for dinner, it doesn’t have to be fine dining, gourmet pizza and a bottle of bubbly can be just as fun.

* The kids are in bed, maybe your flat mate is out for the evening…..got a bath? You know where I am going with this one 😉 Before you roll your eyes, think about it. How much fun and relaxing is a bath….some bubbles, candles maybe….a glass of wine….your partner resting on your chest. Take a deep breath and let the soothing water relax all those bound up muscles.

* Go dancing, yes dancing! What??? you dance like a frog on hot coals??? yeh-yeh. You know what I love about living in the city – you can go dancing, have fun, be silly and no-one knows you….except your partner, but they are having just as much fun as you so it doesn’t matter. Go….visit a bar with a dj and move those hips….its exercise and your having fun while your doing it.

* Allocate one day a week, preferably on the weekend and take your loved one to a coffee shop. If you know of a great little cafe only a 5-10 minute drive from home then leave the car at home. Take your partner by the hand and enjoy some fresh air. 2 coffees – $8.00, unwind for an hour and enjoy the time with your partner.

* Massage – you don’t even have to leave the house. Turn on your bedside clock radio to a station that is playing something soothing, light a few candles, strip the doona or top sheets off the bed and turn off the light. Your partner muscles are tight? Ask your loved one to lay on their belly and press your thumbs into those tightly bunched up muscles. The more your massage away the tension the more you can concentrate on another form of pressure release.

Whether it is reading a romance novel or doing something that involves getting outdoors, everyone needs time to relax, de-stress and find themselves. You will find yourself feeling more refreshed, happier in your relationship and ready to take on the demands of work when you take time out for yourself and your loved ones.

x x x

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