Can You Find Love Online?

Let me guess – you have purchased an apartment, have a great job, a car, have travelled and are a wonderful person. You are loyal, caring and respectful of a persons individual goals and aspirations. You are a catch….and you’re alone. Should you forget trying to meet someone the old fashioned way? Looking for love online seems to be the way singletons are meeting people these days…but does it work? Can you really find someone special online?

Tinder, RSVP, eHarmony, Zoosk….it seems all you have to do to find a partner in life today is type online dating into Google. Forget uncomfortable moments at your local bar or trying to get the courage to ask your sisters best friend out to the movies, with the click of your mouse you can choose from a smorgasbord of guys and girls. Just like a restaurant menu, you can choose your favourites and even choose a time for “sampling” the goods at a later time.

Online dating isn’t a new concept, many of the more popular sites have been around since the mid 90’s, matching up singletons based on their profiles. Across the world, millions of men and women log on to their preferred platforms, searching through pages and pages of prospective dates information in the hope of finding that special someone.

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With so many people using online dating, how successful is it? Personally, out of all my friends that have tried online dating, not one of them has had a nice thing to say of their experience. In fact most of the complaints I have heard have been the same – the photo shown online was outdated, the profile was written very well but the person was inarticulate, or that the person lied about education, employment or single status.

It’s not just my female friends who have found online dating to be a frustrating experience. Writer/Producer and online blogger Ryan Heffernan wrote an article published on about his own experience, “The day I started online dating as a single dad was the day I realised my romantic stocks had dropped faster than Lehman Brothers in the financial crisis”. In Ryan’s article he gives a heartfelt recollection of his experiences, even going as far as to tell how dropping his fatherhood status improved his online responses.

When you take into consideration the awful stories we tend to hear, why is the online dating industry booming? According to an article published on journalist Rebecca Borison explains “There’s the fact that everything in our lives is shifting to digital. We shop, socialise and do just about everything else online, so why wouldn’t we want to make romantic connections online as well?”

Hhmm… I would rather eat flies than risk a date with someone who used a strangers photo on his profile. But if you want to try online dating, then I would recommend the following – be honest. Use a recent photo of yourself and be accurate in your descriptions… and most importantly be careful. If you are going to meet someone you don’t know very well, or at all – meet them in a public place and have a backup plan.

Nevertheless, try not to just rely on the web, step out of your comfort zone, and ask someone you like on a date. A friend you have had feelings for…..ask them out for a coffee. You will never know if you don’t try.

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* Have you had an experience with online dating you would like to share, either leave a comment or email me via the contact page.

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