Matthew Le Nevez Returns

OMG – feeling a tad excited!! Hold onto your knickers ladies, Australia’s much-loved heart-throb and fabulous actor has returned to Australian television. So guys and girls, stock up on tissues, plump up the cushions on your couch, and once again be entertained by this multi talented and all round sexy guy; Matthew Le Nevez.

We all remember his emotional departure from Channel Ten’s hit show Offspring last year. When his character Dr Patrick Reid was killed in a hit-and-run accident, viewers went into mourning after losing one of their favourite tv stars.

But it is been long enough, as of tonight we can sit back and enjoy Matthews return to Australian television playing the new male lead on Channel Nine’s emotional drama Love Child. In the television networks latest promotional teaser for the show, 36-year-old Matt is seen making his dramatic arrival, and getting cosy with gorgeous actress Jessica Marais.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.47.59 pm

Matthew Le Nevez

In the clip below, Matt and Jessica are seen sharing a tender moment with an infant, Matt playing the proud father while nibbling on the newborn’s tiny fingers. Jessica sitting next to him, also sharing the moment before the next clip reveals Matt’s character saying “He’s my son.” Awww…..exciting……

It’s great to see Matthew being so enthusiastic about his new role, as he told journalist Scott Ellis from the “It was a great opportunity and to be involved in a show like Love Child where the scripts are beautiful and telling an epic dramatic journey. And to work with those actors who create that energy. I’m very lucky.” – Matt Le Nevez.

Matt has also been spreading the love on his Twitter account. As of yesterday, Matt cheekily revealed –


Matthew Le Nevez Twitter Account






…we hope so to Matt!!!

I think it will simply be undeniable that Matthew is going to melt the hearts of women all across Australia, and I am sure I am not alone when I say that I hope his new role doesn’t leave a nation in mourning for a second time.

So for all you guys and girls (including you Eliza!!! 🙂 if you missed last nights episode – you can watch it again here – Love Child Episode 3 aired Tuesday 19th of May. Missed the first 2 episodes? follow the highlighted link and fall in love with all the loveable characters.

x x x

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