Married at First Sight

What on earth is going on between the contestants on Channel Nines latest reality show Married at First Sight? My twitter feed has been on fire today with both men and women across Australia voicing their dislike for newly married….oops forgot – newly “committed” couple Zoe and Alex. Its seems that a lot of people across our great continent are not happy, and heres why…

After the lack of emotion shown during their bonding ceremony, I was expecting Zoe to make a scene reminiscent of Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride. If she ran out the back door, hell – if she picked her nose, it would have been more exciting to watch!!

A peck on the cheek – really?!? Alex and Zoe just stood their, looking polite. No excitement, in fact Zoe’s face said it all…”I put myself through all this for you?!!” Ok, she smiled – yehaw…but come on! Lights, camera, action…..and bit more puckering up would have been nice. Even a few more smiles, a lingering gaze into his eyes…anything?!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.25.46 pm

According to Zoe was expecting someone quite different “I thought he would be dark and handsome, maybe a Spanish guy — like Ricky Martin, but straight,” she said of Alex, a 29-year-old plumber with blonde hair and an eyebrow ring. Aww Zoe girl, you put yourself through all the drama, picking the dress, the flowers…hell, even a man, you could have a least swapped a little saliva.

Before you think the match up was nothing but a disaster, think again. What goes on behind the camera, stays behind the camera? Its seems all the happy couple needed was some time away. Warm weather, gold sands, tropical waters, Mr ‘Blondey’ to rub some tanning lotion into your skin and some “afternoon delight” 😉

And no, I didn’t make that up lol – Zoe spilled the beans all by herself – “It’s a sexy place, and it’s really romantic. You’ve got everything saying ‘romance’ and we had a bit of champagne and things relaxed a bit,” she hinted of their time in honeymoon suite, which included a hot tub.

Hhmmm I dont think ‘everything’ was relaxed…hey Alex!!! Well the wedding may have been a let down, but the honeymoon was about getting everything back on track again, and I am more than happy for the young couple. Its all a bit of fun, maybe they both truly do want more. Honestly, what can we expect, it is a social experiment after all. But its obvious to see why arranged marriages don’t work. Its not just about having a few things in common, its also to do with chemistry, attraction, and affection. Love can’t be faked, its either there, or it isn’t.

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