Is Snoring Ruining Your Romance?

Picture this, a romantic dinner for two at a local restaurant. We had a fabulous meal, the service was great, he had a few glasses of beer and I enjoyed a few glasses of wine. Everything was wonderful. Sound like a nice evening? On the way home we pass a cafe and stop for coffee and cake. We even got to watch a guy put a sword down his throat (really!!!! – Ackland Street in St Kilda) and soon after we catch and taxi and head home.

Great night out – right? Couldn’t get much better? Well….it did lol….but soon after the lights were turned off, and we were tucked into bed. Doesn’t get much better? Hmm. Have you ever heard a noise in the still of the night that I swear takes a few years off your life? You actually wake up prepared for battle! You’re tense, you’re heart is racing and you’re still trying to battle through the fog of a deep sleep. No matter how much I am aware of the problem, it still scares the crap out of me!

Chainsaws…..the metal chain spinning around the arm of the tool and the sound of the motor as its getting “revved” is one of the most irritating sounds. A Boeing 747 flying overhead can be very powerful. Ever parked along a runway and watched planes take off? Exciting…but also very noisy! My partner, in the still of the night – I swear on my life the noise that he can make with his throat is something that still amazes me. I should be surprised that GeoScience Australia hasn’t mentioned our address as the epicentre for any earth tremors!

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.53.11 pm

Snoring can be annoying! It can be terrible not only for the sufferer but for the rest of the family. The kids at least have a few walls to buffer the noise, but for us partners, it can be very frustrating. When my partner wants to spoon me I feel uneasy because as soon as he drifts off I know the 747 lodged in his throat is getting ready for take off. As soon as he starts to breath deeply, actually as soon as he even twitches I roll him over onto his tummy. From this position the plane can’t get enough speed and the engines whine down.

He is worse on his back…..I’m still talking about his snoring lol. It’s like his tongue is playing hockey in his windpipe and can’t decide whether to rest on the roof of his mouth or keep on flapping about in search of the (non-existent) puck. His muscles become so relaxed in this state that the only way to stop it seems to be when I roll him over. Unfortunately for me, and for anyone walking past the front of our house, sleeping on his back is his favourite sleeping position.

Well, I found the best website for great information. Snore Australia is an incredibly fabulous site for anyone contemplating moving to another room. So before you stare at your pillow with devious thoughts check out this site. My partner likes to have a few beers after a game of golf, he also snacks on a bag of potato chips late at night while watching The Walking Dead on Presto. Between that and a deformity in his nose caused from an old football injury he was the perfect candidate to try a few of there suggestions.

He has stopped his nocturnal eating habits and is taking it easy on the beer on weekends (that he has off). He no longer stays up so late, going to bed at a reasonable time and getting comfy on his stomach. This alone has already made a significant difference in his snoring. I still want him to seek information on his honker, but in the meantime I am no longer getting woken nearly as much as when “Mr Boeing” takes off in the middle of the night.

If your partner is ruining your romantic evenings, check on the link highlighted in red above. Read the how to stop snoring tips and let me know what you think. At the end to a lovely night you should both be snuggling together and nodding off in a state of bliss, not trying to find ear plugs and battling with your roll-over procedure 🙂 you both want to keep the romance alive and well….all night long.

x x x

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