Ravaged by Elisabeth Naughton

Looking for a sexy new book to read? One that will leave you up all night wishing for your own warrior to pin you to your bed with his intense stare and incredibly gorgeous and buff body? ūüėČ Check out my review below for Ravaged, a great new Novella from one of my favourite “queens of steam” fabulous romance author Elisabeth Naughton.

Ravaged is the latest instalment from Elisabeth’s fabulous Eternal Guardian’s series. Based on Greek Mythology, Ravaged tells the tantalising story of rogue Argonaut warrior Ari and Siren in training, Daphne.¬†While perfecting her skills on Olympus, Daphne is approached by Zeus and given a deadly task. If she succeeds, Zeus has promised Daphne a position as a Siren. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to fulfil her dreams, Daphne accepts her mission and is sent to Earth.¬†Daphne soon discovers that her task is not quiet that simple, and after a surprise attack that leaves her injured and unconscious she wakes to find herself in the home of her enemy. Daphne and Ari’s attraction is sudden and intense, a snag in Daphne’s plans that she didn’t count on.

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As the story unfolds, Daphne learns that everything she had been told about the Argonauts, and in particular Ari are not true. He may be a warrior – his muscles and intense demeanour testament to his chosen role, but he is also kind and caring. Traits Daphne was not expecting. When she uncovers a plan hidden with his fortress in the mountains, she questions her true role within Olympus and the task given to her by Zeus.

Ravaged is a fabulous novella and a great story I highly recommend. If you have the Amazon Kindle app, you can have the book on your phone, iPad or pc in seconds. Don’t just take my word for it, check out the other reviews on Amazon. Readers around the world are giving Elisabeths latest book a great big thumb up.¬†Download your own copy and after you get the kids to bed tonight, tell your hubby to go take a cold shower, prop yourself up with a couple of pillows and immerse yourself in the world of The Eternal Guardians. Click on the¬†links below for¬†more information.

Amazon Author Page


Angus and Robertson

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