Answers For Julie by Cate Beauman

If only I had a magic mirror – Mirror, mirror on the wall, will I like this book at all? If only there was a magic mirror… then I wouldn’t have wasted the past few days reading this silly book! I actually feel bad saying that. It would have taken author Cate Beauman months to write it, and I commend her for her effort. However, I just didn’t like it. The characters were incredibly frustrating, ignorant, disrespectful, impatient, uncaring… was like a bad soap opera.

The story is about a young woman named Julie Keller who has lived in a small country town of Bakersfield for most of her life. After the death of her mother and grandparents, Julie remained in the small town offering massages, facials and body treatments from her home business. For the past six months Julie has been struggling to keep her business afloat after another spa retreat opened in the sleepy little town. As a result she had to cut her only staff member down to 5 hours a week.

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While Chase Rider was on assignment in the Middle East, his own grandmother passed away in her sleep. Upon his arrival back to the U.S he was informed that he inherited her house. Chase has no plans to settle in Bakersfield and decides to use his time off to fix up his grandma’s old home and put it up for sale. Not long after his return, Chase bumps into childhood friend and ex-girlfriend Julie. Over the next couple of weeks things are good between the pair. You find out why they originally broke up, which is very silly, but you are happy that they are working out their differences.

Late one evening Julie is approached by a stranger and told her life is not what it seems. Chase decides to help Julie and together they leave Bakersfield in search of the truth. This is when the story becomes incredibly frustrating. Julie was annoying to begin with, but she just seemed to get nastier and more stupid as the story progressed. For someone who is broke, she sure seemed to have money to blow! She would argue with Chase and want to go home, then she wanted to stay. No, another tiff and she was going again… oh no, wait a minute, she wants to stay. She cares for Chase, no… she no longer feels anything for him, whoops no, she does care….oh hang on…no she doesn’t! COME ON!!! I just wanted to grab her and tell her to make up her mind! The complaining, her rudeness, it was too much!

Chase is just as bad, he needs her – no he doesn’t, oh yes he does……it was giving my brain whip lash! I can’t remember the last time I read a book where the two main characters were less suited to each other. I actually stopped reading twice. The last few chapters I flicked through quickly to find out who the killer was. All I can say is at the time of this review the book cost $3.90 via Amazon Kindle, I am happy I didn’t purchase the paperback version.



Angus and Robertson

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