Live, Laugh and Love Often

We all spend too much time worrying. We worry about all kinds of things, our work for example. How much time do you spend each day worrying about something that involves your job? Your work load, your employers expectations, maybe your work colleagues? Your finances? Mortgage or rental payments? Do you wonder how everyone else is making ends meet? Health maybe? Your kids? I have two girls and I swear I spend more time worrying about them now than I did when they were much younger. What about your relationships?

A little worry is healthy, spending time in our day trying to understand what is going on around us and thinking of ways to solve these problems is a normal part of life. Spending most of our days trying to figure out how to pay the bills and what people say and do is not healthy.

Sometimes life just gets a little stressful and sometimes it gets very, very stressful. It is how we deal with these days that makes all the difference. These are the times I refer to as reaching my BTL (Bullsh*t Tolerance Level). I am sure you can relate to that feeling, when you have simply had enough. You want to cry or order takeout and let everyone fend for themselves. Of course, we all battle on and try to cope with our stresses as best as we can. It’s life isn’t it?

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.00.36 pm

In Australia house prices have reached extremely ridiculous prices. The townhouse next door to me recently sold for over $700,000.00…for a small 3 bedroom property. I could go on about cities throughout the country and the astronomical prices that not only houses but apartments and duplexes are selling for, but we are all aware. The cost of childcare, petrol….the list goes on.

We can all get miserable from time to time when it feels like we are not achieving our goals. The more stressful we become, the more likely we are to react to a situation we would normally not concern ourselves with. Since we can’t avoid stress, we quiet simply need to recognise and manage it. Despite how much we love our children and partners with all our heart, sometimes its best to make yourself a cuppa and go sit in a quiet area of your house. When you are having an awful day, theres nothing wrong in wanting to take some time out for yourself and acknowledge what is getting you down. Not enough time in a day to get everything done? The kids are being a handful? You feel your partner is not giving you any attention. Its good to remove yourself from any other stresses and take a deep breath.

After you have taken some time out for yourself, talk to your loved ones about it. Your partner, your family or your friends.  I can’t tell you how many times I have felt stressed and thought no one could understand how I feel or what I am going through, but after I have spoken to those that are close to me I quickly realise that I am not the only one to experiences ‘crappy days’.  We all get inundated with trivial issues and day to day drama. Its how we deal with those situations that make all the difference.

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When it comes to your loved one, try not to push them away. Remember that communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Acknowledge each others feelings and be respectful of each other. Try to avoid making any negative assumptions and try not to blame each other. No one is perfect and in the middle of any drama each person feels they are honestly doing their best. I am sure you have heard all of this before, and I am not here to tell what is right and wrong. I am writing this however to remind us, you…reading this blog, your friends, your family and your loved one. We all just want to be happy. Your life, my life…its all a work in progress. Try to learn the lessons along the way, try to be positive and remember your not the only one shaking your head and wondering why life has to get so hard at times.

Cuddle your children, meet up with your friends for a cuppa and support each other. Hold your partner close and remember that being intimate involves revealing everything about yourself over a period of time. Realistically not all relationships are worth such complete devotion, however when it comes to those that are caring, loyal, respectful, honest and loving baring all that you are, heart and soul should be worth the effort. Remember to take time out for yourself, spend time with your family and make the time for your partner . Live your life to the fullest, love those that come into your life with all that you have and laugh often. Life is to be enjoyed, so go and enjoy it!

x x x


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