Mariah Carey and James Packer

Cupid has been busy again, although this time he may have got a little carried away. Not only did he shoot pop diva Mariah Carey in the ass, he also lined up Australia’s own media mogul James Packer. What was cupid thinking? Maybe it was an accident? The little guy, also known as the god of desire, love and attraction might have been off his game? Or was the fact that he aimed for Packers rear end intentional? We may never know….but in the meantime everyone around the world is wondering what these two unlikely people have in common. So lets find out…

Ok Mariah, oohhh Mariah. She is known all around the world for her bagpipes, and no I am not referring to her chest. Mariah has been churning out fabulous romantic ballads since the early 90’s. Her first hit single Vision of Love was released around the world in 1990 and launched Mariah as the new pop diva. From there she released such well known songs as Hero (1993), When You Believe (1998), We Belong Together (2005) and Touch my Body (2008).

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.16.04 pm

The American singer made headlines in August last year when Nick Cannon released a statement advising that after six years of marriage, he and Mariah Carey had decided to live separately. According to the power couple decided to go their separate ways after rumors that Nick had been unfaithful. Poor Mariah, she hasn’t had much luck in love. After separating from her first husband Tommy Mottola back in 1998 I was really happy that she found love and had tied the knot with Nick. But it seems Nick just wasn’t the right guy for Mariah.


It’s not just her love life that has been stressing Mariah over the past few years. Well known for hitting the high notes, Mariah just hasn’t been able to reach them of late. The media has taken a bit of a swipe at her for changing her singing style, which she has had to do, as a result of her changing vocal abilities. Her performances around the world have received bad reviews which has resulted in Mariah taking a break. And it seems all she needed was a trip to Spain, on board a yacht with a very well known businessman to keep her company. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.25.17 pm

James Packers Yacht

Mr Packer, the Aussie media magnet with fingers in so many money making pies he no longer has a spare to suck on. Now dating Mariah, maybe he can suck on one of hers? 😉 James isn’t just known as a ladies man, he is also known as the scrapper who got into a fist fight with his buddy in Sydney last year. Maybe he won’t mind keeping a few of the paparazzi away from his latest squeeze, since the two love birds have let the world know they are more than just friends.

One interesting photo that sprung up on the internet of late was a photo of James, Mariah and James ex-wife Jodhi Meares. I actually thought it was great, its nice to see some people can remain friends with their ex’s despite what ever differences they had. You don’t see it enough these day. Some people can’t make amends and live together, for what ever reason. Does that mean they have to be nasty about it? I have said it before and I will say it again, life is to damn short. Make peace and move on.

No matter how James and Mariah, we can only hope that cupid got it right this time and lined up these two lonely hearts in the hope they will both share something special. No one wants to be alone, I just hope that these two unlikely people find happiness. A touch of romance today in Madrid, and maybe something more in the months to come. Lets just wait and see.

x x x

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