Spice Up Your Relationship

I got to thinking today about all the little things my partner and I do to keep the romance alive and well in our relationship. All those seemingly insignificant little gestures that go a long way in us both feeling connected and in each others thoughts. So I thought I would list a few of the things we do each day to keep things fun and interesting.

Here is a few ideas I do to keep the passion and romance alive and well in my relationship. Fun – yes, exciting – yes…. and something you should try 😉

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 6.36.52 pm

1. Tantalising Texts – When was the last time you sent a sexy text message to your partner? You know, something playful and flirty? Such as what you have been fantasising about. Now don’t tell me you never fantasise… we all fantasise. Maybe not as much as men, but we still think hot steamy thoughts that leave us a tad hot under the collar. Give your partner something to think about. Send him a message about how you haven’t been able to stop thinking dirty thoughts. When he asks you to elaborate, because he will! Use your imagination. You woke up feeling frisky and are getting more turned on as the day goes by…..maybe you fantasised about him tying your hands to the headboard of your bed with his work tie. You heard a song on the radio and its got you feeling all frisky. Trust me, its a lot easier to be intimate at night when you have been flirting with each other during the day.

2. Brief Case Boudoir – Ever left your partner something to keep him hot and bothered during the day? A piece of underwear tied to the steering wheel of his car? Perhaps in his jacket? Something sexy in his brief case? Each time my partner packs for a trip away I leave him something to remember me by. I even made a trip to a an adult store to buy fake breasts to fill in my lacy bra tucked away in the bottom of his suitcase. Imagine your partner driving down the road with one of your bras wrapped around the steering wheel or gear shift. You could always leave a big bright red kiss on his window with a posted telling him you can’t wait till he gets home tonight. Try it, you never know until you give it a go.

3. Healthy Shower Power – Purchase a nice scented body wash, a cute pink puffy body loofa, and write a time on a piece of paper. Put it all into a nice sealed bag and hand it to your partner on his way to work. Tell him he can’t open it until he takes his first coffee break at work. Alternatively while he is getting ready in the morning, pop out to the car and leave it on the passenger seat. When he opens it there will be a nice surprise, and he will be more than happy to get home and wash your back for you. Same could be done for a nice bottle of massage oil. He might even call you for an “earlier appointment” lol 😉

Encouraging fun, intimacy and romance will help you feel better about yourself and your partner. It will also help to develop your emotional and physical connection, which in turn will help you both weather challenging times. With just a little effort and commitment, you can both keep romance alive and your relationship full of love.

x x x

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