Soul Deep by Pamela Clare

I finished reading Pamela’s latest book Soul Deep this morning and I am still feeling all happy and bubbly. What a fabulous story! Both Jack and Janet are such strong characters, I just couldn’t help but wish the best for both of them. Two lonely people who believed they had already lived the best moments of their lives. The strength and support they gave each other was heartwarming. You knew they would end up together, but to witness their growing attraction and love for each other made this story simply adorable.

Sexy rancher Jack West feels that at the age of 63, he is “over the hill”. To everyone around him, he is anything but. Working out in his home gym, hearding cattle and riding stallions has kept Jack fit and healthy. His hair may have a few flecks of silver running through it, but his hard working ethic and steely determination is still that of a much younger man. When Jack isn’t fixing broken fences and shovelling hay bails out in the paddocks, he is running around after his 6 year old grand daughter.

Janet has recently completed rehab, spending all her time learning to walk again. 12 months earlier a sniper bullet had ripped through her left hip shattering the joint, breaking her pelvis and damaging her nerves and womb. Even though she has learned to walk with a cane, her leg still drags and gives her pain. Janet has not lost her love for the outdoors and dreams of being able to ride a horse again. Deciding on a well earned vacation, Janet decides to ignore the storm warning and drives from Denver up into the mountains. Looking forward to the week long holiday she booked at the Forest Creek Inn, Janet can’t wait to relax and enjoy the country air. But fate has something else planned.

A near miss on the highway with a truck leaves Janet stranded in her car down a steep embankment. With no phone reception, she has no choice but to wait until the storm passes. Unbeknown to Janet, Jack West is driving home along the highway in his pickup truck when he notices a car pitched down the side of the road. With the storm bearing down, he decides to help the stranded motorist. Imagine his surprise when he opens the drivers side door and looks down into a pair of familiar green eyes. Janet can not believe her luck, or bad luck in this case. Last time she spoke to Jack, he kicked her off his property. Their lives were about to get very interesting.

Jack takes Janet back to his ranch and informs her that she wont be able to leave until the weather clears. Seeing she has very little choice, she decides to make the most of her situation. Over the next week, Jack shows Janet what living in the foothills of the rugged Colorado mountains is like. Taking her on picnics, for drives that look over the property and surrounding hills, and for horse rides together. Sitting down by the open fireplace one evening, Janet and Jake realise they have more in common than either of them ever thought. But its not all sweet talk and candlelit dinners. One of Jacks prized stallions has been injured, his ranch foreman is shot and he has hunters roaming his property. Add to the list of drama going around a disgruntled ex-employee, a lazy sheriff and a son who finds his fathers skills at romancing Janet entertaining.

Soul Deep is a wonderful love story, with a dash of intrigue and drama to keep it all interesting. It is what I would consider to be a Novella, a quick easy read perfect for those cold wintery nights. So make yourself a nice hot cuppa, then snug up on your couch. Do you have a Kindle? Or perhaps the Amazon App? You could have Soul Deep by Pamela Clare downloaded onto your pc, tablet or smart phone within minutes. Check out the links below for further information.

Amazon Author Page


Angus and Robertson

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