eBooks v’s Paperbacks

One of the most common questions I receive about my website is, which is more popular, digital or paper books? Up until a few years ago I would have answered paperback, but with the invention of Kindle, Nook, Smart Phones and Apps, I now advise people of just how great an impact eBooks have had on the book market. On just my website alone, I sell far more eBooks than paperbacks. At the beginning of each month I print off the previous months reports that detail my book sales, and each month my electronic sales are higher than traditional paperbacks.

But lets take a step back. To understand why I sell more eBooks than paperbacks, you need to understand the concept behind electronic readers. Hugely popular Amazon, which began as an online bookstore, branched into toys, furniture, jewellery, video games, clothing and electronic goods by 2005. As the company grew and expanded it began producing consumer electronics such as the Amazon Kindle eBook reader in 2007.

We have all heard of Apple. Thanks to the creative and marketing genius that is Apple, most of us now own an iMac, Macbook, iPod, iPhone or an iPad. Apple’s first successful computer tablet was released in 2010 and has continued to grow in popularity. Not only can you shoot video, take photos and play music, you can also read books thanks to Apples iBookstore App and Amazon’s Kindle App. But these two are not the only ones to have jumped on the electronic e-reader band wagon. American retail bookstore Barnes and Noble also launched their e-reader called the Nook, in late 2009.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.05.52 pm

eBook or Electronic Book i.e Amazon Kindle or Apple iPad

With each of these hugely successful businesses releasing such innovative technology, it is not surprising that the concept of the electronic reader took off. No longer did you need to find the time to visit your local book store. With the flick of your hand, or the touch of a button, you have a massive online library with thousands upon thousands of titles to choose from. In such as short period of time, you went from placing an order and hoping to receive a book in a few weeks, to having the book in your hands in seconds.

It’s not just the speedy delivery that has sold devoted lovers of the paperback to shift to digital. Greatly reduced prices has meant you could purchase and download several books for the price of one paperback. With Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble signing deals with large book publishers, each corresponding online directory grows each day.

Think about this, how often do you go online to look for consumables? If there is something you need, or something you would like, would you go online and have a look or would you just visit your local shopping centre and walk aimlessly around all day looking for it? Considering how big shopping centres are getting these days, who has the time to walk about and down each level looking for a particular store? I know I look online first, especially considering how much easier it is to find sales and special online promotions. So considering that most of us look or shop online, why not look and purchase books the same way?!!!

I have lots of paperback books, boxes and boxes full of some of the best romance authors around the world. But over the past couple of years, all of the books I have purchased have been online using my Amazon Kindle App on my iPhone and iPad. In fact, I can start reading a book on my phone, turn it off and go to bed and pick up my iPad, push the Sync button and be up to the exact same page as I was on my phone. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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