Brown Cow Cafe and Bar

It may be winter but the sun was out, birds were chirping and some old deviate told me I had big boobs – yep it’s Melbourne and until Mr Pervert opened his mouth, my day was going well. Time to shake off stupidity and get back to my happy place…nice breeze, happy smiling shoppers and YES! A cafe!! Coffee here I come.

I was supposed to go to the local supermarket and buy eggs, mushrooms and capsicum for omelettes and salad tonight. Instead I ended up in Hampton, one of Melbourne’s bayside suburbs. I called my partner who was heading home from the city and asked him to meet me for lunch. Hampton Street is were you will find Indian and Italian cuisine, bakeries, florist’s, fabulous clothing stores, health food stores and a great little corner cafe called the Brown Cow Cafe and Bar. Situated at the south end of Hampton Street, this fabulous cafe has both outdoor and indoor seating and is only a short 5 minute stroll to the beach.


I am an advocate of good old fashioned customer service, you know… a smile as you walk in the door, polite and friendly service and competent staff. It just isn’t something you get much of these days, but when I come across a business that is clean, nice and cosy and has great customer service, well I am more than happy to give the establishment free promotion. As soon as my partner and I walked in the door, the staff were friendly. We chose a table close to the bifold doors so we could watch the goings on outside, soak up some Vitamin D and enjoying the atmosphere inside. The place was busy which in my view is a sign of great customer satisfaction. It’s simple, if you like the place, you will go back…you will also tell your friends, your mother, your dentist and your cat about it!

With our table taking in the glistening sun, we soon relaxed and thought about lunch. With glasses of water and menu’s in hand we were as happy as pigs in poop! Two cappuccinos later and I was chuckling over the froth – really….brown cows?!! Love it!!!! The menu had a really good selection, but my partner and I went for something relatively quick and easy. I ordered a Chicken Focaccia and my partner ordered a yummy BLAT with a side of french fries. Simple, but very very tasty.  The Brown Cow Cafe is very relaxing and the staff were attentive throughout our stay. If you’re travelling through Melbourne’s Bayside region, call into this fabulous cafe and enjoy a great coffee and a reasonably priced and delicious meal.

Brown Cow Cafe and Bar
382 Hampton Street
Hampton, Vic, 3188.
Hours: 7am – 10pm

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IMG_2095 Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.33.18 am

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