Is Cristiano Ronaldo a Womaniser?

Cristiano Ronaldo is well-known for his off-the-field antics these days, just as much as his skills on the football field. The Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team spends most days splattered across media sites, due to his love life. Although it seems poor heartbroken Cristiano has been feeling a bit stressed of late, if his latest interview with CNN Espanol is anything to go by. After getting a tad flustered over the interviewer’s line of questioning regarding FIFA’s recent corruption scandal, the football captain walked out. Was his lack of patience during the interview solely to do with FIFA, or has Cristiano’s dating taken its toll?

For many women around the world the name Cristiano Ronaldo sparks intense emotions and lusty thoughts, but for one Aussie girl, she couldn’t care less who he is. Melbourne based model Aline Lima left a lasting impression recently after contacting him via Instagram, while he was in Melbourne for the International Champions Cup. The model and makeup artist simply wanted to know if the four time European Golden Shoe recipient had received a fan message from her boyfriend Alex. Instead, Ronaldo was more interested in her personal photos. When Aline told Cristiano her boyfriend would not approve of her giving him photos of herself, the football star’s response was simple – “No one knows, baby. Quiet”. Maybe he thought persistence would pay off when he told Aline – “I do not want to know man. I want to meet you”. But thankfully for boyfriend Alex, Cristiano’s tactics didn’t work.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.09.24 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo Looking At?

This isn’t the first time Real Madrid ‘s forward has been in trouble with the ladies. Cristiano was in the media spotlight earlier this year when it was revealed he ended his romance with Russian model Irina Shayk after she refused to attend a surprise birthday party for his mother Dolores. Sounds silly doesn’t it? But if the beautiful models Twitter has any truth to it, it may not be. The Portuguese player has had such a reputable time dating everyone and anyone that Elite Daily made a list and documented all of his conquers. I suggest you make a cuppa before you click on that link! 😉

So why are women drawn to men like Cristiano? Is he really full of himself….is he a womaniser? Well let’s have a think about it. Womanisers love women and are not afraid of them. They have a way of making a woman feel like she is the most important person in the world, even when he is simply saying hello. Unfortunately for womanisers, they can’t seem to help themselves and look at everything else in a skirt as well. Womanisers are smart, successful and like you to know they are in a league of their own. They like you to know they are important, they will tell you or let you know what kind of car they drive and will charm the pants off of you. Womanisers also tend to be the epitome of the alpha male…strong, determined, focused…..and when all that energy is on you, it can feel amazing. Sounds exciting…really…it’s not!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 7.12.27 pm

Cristiano Rinaldo

There are two types of womanisers, the players and the cheaters. The players tend to be upfront and honest about who and what they are. They will use their looks and charm and play hard and fast. These guys are the ones your friends tell you about, the guys that charmed their knickers off and never heard from again. The cheaters are the guys that like women to think they are monogamous and are looking for a long-term relationship, but deep down they know they are good-looking, successful…a catch, and they won’t settle down until they nail everything and everyone.

So can a womaniser really fall in love, can he truly be romantic and interested? A few years ago when Cristiano was interviewed by a Thai Television Station about women, the football star said “I try to be romantic…but no one believes me!” No Cristiano, no I don’t.

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  1. Great article! Ronaldo seems quite the player. Unfortunately there are many men out there like him that think they can get anyone they want. Especially someone like him with a big profile.


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