Half Moon in Brighton

Damn “Murphy’s law” – If there is a worse time for something to go wrong, it will happen – in my case it was tearing the calf muscle in my right leg when I needed to go into the city for the day. Melbourne is known for having high parking fees, congested roadways and unreliable public transport. Parking my car in the heart of the city was not going to be an option, so public transport it was. Ever used trains and trams with crutches? Not fun! After spending the day annoying other travellers, I was more than happy when my partner said “Lets go out for dinner”.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 3.01.04 pm

Meeting family in the city

We wanted to go somewhere snazzy yet cosy, with great service but nothing overly frilly. We didn’t feel like sitting down to 3 peas and a piece of meat no bigger than my thumb, so Brighton it was – not far from the city, and not far from home. There are some people who think Brighton is all “3 peas”….but it’s not, Half Moon along Church Street is what I consider a great, relaxed, hip pub with a timber bar and rustic-chic decor.  It is only a stones throw from the local train station and only a short walk to the beach.

Since moving to Melbourne, it still amazes me that in a city of over 3 million people, we still manage to bump into people from our home town. After getting cosy in the landscaped courtyard my partner and I were surprised by a friends son. After a few glasses of bubbly and a fun chat, our friend left and we moved into the front bar beside a nice cosy open fireplace.

You would be surprised how many muscles and calories you burn up using crutches, who knew! 🙂 I needed energy! I needed some food in my tummy! My partner makes fun of some of my choices, there are times I enjoy a yummy crispy seared salmon, a white wine pasta or even a simple tossed salad. But one of my all time favourites is the good ole’ Chicken Parmigana. Chicken, tomato salsa, fresh ham and melted cheese….not the healthiest thing to eat, but hey, its one of my favourites and I wasn’t going to say no.


My partner and I

The Half Moon was so relaxing. Exposed brick walls, timber beams and open spaces…..somewhere to just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere. The staff were friendly, service was great, what more can you ask for? If you’re travelling to Melbourne, thinking of visiting the South East Suburbs, call into the Half Moon in Brighton. You will enjoy it, just as much as we did.

x x x

Half Moon – Brighton
120 Church Street,
Brighton, Vic, 3186.
Ph No: 03 9591 0611


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