Salim Mehajer Disruptive Wedding

There are some things in life I simply don’t like, and wealthy arrogant men is one of them. There are many hard working, law abiding wealthy members of the public throughout Australia who don’t see themselves above the law. They pay their taxes, respect their peers and generally contribute to society, helping to raise awareness for good causes and assist those that are disadvantaged. Then there is the very small minority of men who feel they are better than everyone else. They are in the upper echelon of society, don’t have to shop or eat with the ‘middle to lower class’ and feel they can do what ever they like… like Salim Mehajer. A man who Leo Tolstoy describes perfectly….

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For Sydney Property Developer Mr Salim Mehajer, his arrogance has now landed him in the poop. How the property developer chose to celebrate his union is none of my business, each to their own. What bugs me, and most others is the way he went about it. Helicopters, sports cars, Harley Davidson’s, Seaplane fly over…what ever rocks your world. But commandeering a local park and closing an entire street for personal use….that’s just plain bull!

After his somewhat tacky wedding this past weekend, Mr Mehajer and his new bride Aysha are now facing questions by both the media and the community. Why is it that every other couple across Australia has to abide by local laws when it comes to celebrating their special day? If you want to enjoy family photos at your local park or beach, you have to get permission. If you want to close off part or an entire street you have to talk to your local council and get permission. But why are the rules different for Mr Mehajer?

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Salim Mehajer Arrives Via Helicopter

What makes this particular situation more annoying is that Mr Mehajer is not just a property developer, but also the Deputy Mayor of Auburn – he should have known better! Oh wait….he did!! According to Salim was not granted permission to close his street, but still took it upon himself to notify neighbours that not only would the street be shut for the occasion, but any vehicles left on it would be towed at their expense! It isn’t just the neighbours the newly weds have managed to have upset. According to the the Auburn police department didn’t know anything about it either – “We were never told, and as you can see it was out of control,” Inspector Chris Laird told media at the scene. “We’ll be asking regional command to send the family the bill.”

Mr Mehajer, as well as members of his family, are no stranger to the media. Salim made headlines with the in 2012 after being charged with negligent driving after running down two pedestrians – a mother and a daughter – with his Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in Lidcombe. Mr Mehajer was acquitted on appeal in 2013. Salim’s father, Mohamad Mehajer, who just happens to be another local property developer, was sentenced in December 2013 to 3 and a ½ years jail for his part in a conspiracy to cheat and defraud the National Australia Bank of more than $3 million.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 8.27.37 pm

Salim Mehajer and Aysha Wedding Dance

It’s sad that Mr Mehajer and his new bride took advantage of their neighbours hospitality and turned a peaceful street into a farce. Any respectful young couple planning their big day would have taken their party to somewhere private, not flaunted their wealth and perceived standing in the community and done what they pleased. It isn’t fair to other law abiding citizens to do the right thing, to spend their hard earned money on obtaining the correct permits and respecting the peace and tranquility of their neighbourhood, to see someone of Mr Mehajers standing abuse his.

A wedding should be about celebrating the love and affection of two people, with close friends and family by their side. After watching their videos on Youtube, I couldn’t help but think their wedding was far from romantic. To me, the wedding looked more like a statement of who they felt they are and what they wanted everyone to think they are, and to me, that’s not romantic. It’s tacky, and as far from romantic as you can get. But I guess this isn’t your normal young man, as Salim describes himself – “I can’t be compared to your average human”.

Salim Mehajer Wedding Video Here

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  1. Manners make a man, not money. People with wealth do not carry on this way. Unfortunately he’s an uneducated arrogant self-centred peasant who made a lot of money and has no clue how to spend it wisely. Showing off his wealth doesn’t make me jealous like his friends have come out saying. As for his wife April Amelia, she should be ashamed dumping her family for this fellow, but as they say “Love Is Blind”. I’m sure we will be reading about April in a few years time when she’s ugly and old and he moves on to find a younger Muslim girl. If he truly loved her as he met her, then he wouldn’t have changed anything about her, looks, name etc, etc. He’s simply groomer her to look like a plastic Arabic Barbie Doll. My heart aches for her poor family, they must be heartbroken.


  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. What striked me about this arrogant man was he published some article titled “justice was served” after being acquitted on the charges of knocking those two women down in Lidcombe. He never apologises or admit any wrongdoing. Terrible.


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