My Partner Chose Date Night!

During the week I made the mistake of asking my partner wanted he wanted to do on Friday night. I was thinking along the lines of an intimate bar, the cinema or a nice cosy restaurant. My partner’s eyes lit up like he won the lottery, bouncing on his heels like a 5 year old, he said “lets go to the football”. Have you ever opened your mouth and asked a question you regretted as soon as the words finished leaving your lips? I knew straight away I was in trouble. The football? Really? He was doing that walk guys do when they know they got something good….that strut 😉

I think its great when my partner comes up with great ideas for fun things to do. Drive up to the mountains – yep, sounds great. Take our little fishing boat out into the bay – yep, sounds great. Go for a coffee down along the beach…Im in! Football – agghhh. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind the footy. It’s just that watching it on the tv and going to a stadium are two very different things. One involves not getting up off the couch for the afternoon, the other involves great heights……and I dont do well with heights!!

Let me put this into perspective. Last time we flew to Maroochydore in Queensland, I had one of the flight stewards sitting beside me rubbing my back. The couple in front of me was passing chewing gum, the girls behind me thought I had two heads and was waiting for me to vomit green goo like The Exorcist and my partner across the isle was taking photos!! Each time the plane shook with turbulence I begged the stewardess to let me off. I didn’t want to be on the ride anymore….and I was a tad vocal about it. Panic Attack – big time! When we flew to the U.S a couple of years ago – Valium was my friend!

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.40.50 pm

Etihad Stadium was built in 2000 to replace an older stadium Waverley Park, in Melbourne’s outer suburb of Mulgrave. A state of the art arena, Etihad was built on the ever developing site of the city’s Docklands precinct. Close to train and tram networks, the stadium was built in the perfect spot. The problem with Etihad is that the seating is steep. The gap between seating is narrow, and when everyone stands to applaud a team, or concert performer I feel like we will all tip forward. Vertigo – I hate it! 

My Partner doesn’t like going to the MCG – Melbourne Cricket Ground. Even though its bigger, in his eyes, its not better. The roof doesn’t close, and if you are sitting on the roof (what I refer to as the top levels seats) you can’t see a thing. The MCG isn’t exactly in the city and its a pain in the butt to get to. So, his beloved football team The Hawks, also known as the Hawthorn Football Club were playing at Etihad. Oh yeh….he was strutting…and I was petrified!

To make matters worse, for those that may not have read my last few posts I injured myself at the gym and I am now on crutches. So the thought of getting up numerous flights of stairs isn’t something that gives me joy. In fact pulling teeth without any pain killers would be more fun. So while my partner walks around with a pole up his arse, I ‘Googled’ Etihad. They have stairs, lots of stairs – great! My partner purchases the tickets online and lets me know everything is organised. I really shouldn’t listen to him when he says that! 🙂


Friday night and we take the train into the city. Arriving at Southern Cross Station, its only a hop, skip and a jump to the stadium…or in my case, a swing, grip and hang on for dear life. Entering through Gate 3 I can’t help but get caught up in the hype. Everyone around me is excited. Some people are singing the theme song of the favourite team, some are debating statistics and some, like my partner are still strutting. Looking confused and in need of a compass, my other half looks at me like he’s lost. Warning bells! “Whats wrong?” You know that feeling you get when you know your about to be told something thats not going to be good. “We need to find an elevator” he says looking at my crutches. “Why?”….by now, my blood pressure is starting to rise. “We are on the top level” he says. My emotions peek, boil over and I squeal like a banshee….

I am trying really hard to not get overly emotional. Fortunately, he found a lift…. We step off level 3, far above the nose bleed section and I wonder yet again what I have got myself into. My partner points to a row of seats below the Channel Seven camera crew, its close to the stairwell, only 4 rows back from the guard rail and I wont be packed in like a can of sardines. Ok, this isn’t so bad after all. We settle in to a game that is full of suspense, excitement and some bitter disappointments. Port Adelaide were full of yippy beans, if they sneezed at the goal posts they would score a goal. No matter how hard Hawthorn ran, ducked or weaved around the field, they just couldn’t get a point, let along anything more. The smile that was on my partners face was gone by the end of the third quarter. But I was ok, I had some hot chips, a coffee and Lisa Klaypas latest novel Brown Eyed Girl on my iPhone.


By the end of the match my partner was no longer strutting. But as I told him on the way home “It doesn’t matter that the Hawks lost, we still had a fun night out”. He smiled back to me, and nodded. Ok, his favourite team may not have scored many goals, but by the end of the night, my partner had 😉

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