Couples Pampering at Endota Spa

Oh boy, did I have a great day today. Herbal tea, tranquil music, warm fluffy bath robes….I was in heaven. Considering how tight and sore my upper arms have been feeling, lugging my butt around on crutches, I needed some ‘R & R’. No kids asking whats for dinner, no phone calls, nothing….just some ‘me’ time.

My biggest fear when going to a spa is someone walking into the wrong room and getting a damn good view of my derriere. Or god forbid, getting an eye full of me gripping the bed while each hair follicle is being ripped from my nether regions. “Sorry sir, but could you please shut the door and take those used waxed strips with you”! rofl…. Has it ever happened to me? No….but it could…..hey, anything is possible…right? 😉 I had someone walk in on me while I was giving birth to my youngest daughter and he wasn’t wearing a white coat! I can guarantee he has since learned how to pay attention to where he is and how to read signs!

My little trip to the spa was a lesson in how to unwind. Sounds easy doesn’t it? When you stand under the shower at home do you listen to Sarah McLachlan and let the water wash your worries away, or do you jump in and count down the seconds before the kids or hubby walks in wanting something? In my house it takes about 20 seconds! “Mum, I can’t find my body spray”, “Mum, when will you be finished, I need help”….or my partner “Jules, Do you know where my work shirt is”…..HELLO – does it look like I have it in here with me?????? Learning how to switch of my rambling thoughts was a lesson in itself.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.25.32 pm

After consuming a rather nice herbal tea, I was introduced to my therapist. I knew within 5 seconds that she was going to be great. She was friendly, witty and had a kind smile I found both relaxing and engaging. I just knew I was in good hands. I was taken into a room and instructed to remove all my garments except for my underwear and place the towel over myself. When my therapist returned she tucked the towel into my knickers and spoke about my requirements. I have dry skin that tends to react to certain cosmetics, for example I can’t wear certain foundation’s without looking like I was slapped by an octopus.

So after going over a few things we got down to the massage. Tranquil music…..dim lighting…..fragrant mist, and the oils used were fabulous. I have no idea what they were, but I could have eaten them! They smelled sssoooo ggoooodddd!!!! My therapist was amazing….all the knotted up muscles in my back, neck and upper arms just melted away. It was like magic. After using all those amazing oils on my back I was at risk of being sent into the land of nod.


I think the massage was about 3/4 of an hr….it felt like it went on forever, but in a good way. Soon, it was time for my facial, and to reposition the towel. Getting a facial is a bizarre feeling. When I am at home I tend to be a tad rough with my daily routine. Slap on some cleanser or a face scrub, quick rub and off it goes. Moisturiser slapped on….its all a rather quick process. At Endota, all the products were used with such care. It was like my face was a thousand year old mummy, each product applied is soft circular motions. I really had to concentrate and not nod off.

About a half hour later I was feeling lighter than a feather. Left on my own to get dressed, I felt like I could just float away. Walking into the reception area I couldn’t stop thanking the staff, they were all so amazing. As I walked outside I had one of my moments – my man Mitchell has been complaining of a sore back. I wonder???….. So I went back in to find out about couples massages. Endota Spa has all kinds of treatments ranging from sports, remedial & deep tissue massages, relaxing massages for couples, body scrubs, foot baths….lots of great options to choose from for you and your hubby, fiancé or partner.

If you are looking for some pampering that both you and your partner would thoroughly enjoy, then visit Endota Spa. I am defiantly going back soon, and next time Im taking my man with me 😉

x x x

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