Lucy Liu in Melbourne

It tends to amaze me, what you can find in Melbourne’s back alleys. From dumpsters and scaffolding to weather beaten doors and dripping pipework, you wouldn’t think there would be much worth mentioning. But in one little alley, only a hop, skip and a jump from Federation Square is one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets. At night, the illuminated red sign hanging over the inconspicuous archway could lead you to believe an adults only establishment is being run here, but if you are game to take a peek, you will be more than a tad surprised. There are no scantily dressed ladies, or men in leather, just a refurbished old building that has become one of Melbourne’s hottest new restaurants.


Lucy Liu –  simple, unimposing, yet so completely amazing your taste buds will thank you for the experience. When friends recommended this place, I was sceptical. Like everything I do, I ‘Googled’ the address. Are my friends taking the ‘mickey’ out of us, or does the American actress own this place? And where is Oliver Lane? Google Maps really left me feeling apprehensive. What would be the chances of being mugged? After a few more texts back and forth with our friends, we decided to take the risk.


Walking from Federation Square, we crossed the road at the intersection of Flinders and Russell Streets. Once we walked east, passed the Duke of Wellington, we turned left onto the cobble lane way. Oliver Lane, it wasn’t that bad….well not during the day anyway. Neon sign overhead and bright red painted walls, we had found the entrance. Seated by an Ariana Grande look alike, it wasn’t long before we were seated in a quiet corner, sipping on delicious wine and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.


The best way to explain Lucy’s, beside just coming out and saying it’s the best damn food you will ever eat…. 🙂 would be to say it is diversified asian cuisine. Perfect for couples who enjoy sharing plates of magnificent multifarious cooking. Picture this – Rare Breed Sticky Pork Belly squares with a mouth watering caramel sauce. Tempura Soft Shelled Crab that is so good, your toes will curl 😉 Kingfish Sashimi with green chilli, mint and toasted coconut that I was reluctant to try, but so very thankful I did. My favourite, that we actually ordered twice it was so good, was the Soft Shelled Crab wrapped in a crepe that was heavenly!!! Oh my god, my mouth is watering again thinking about it…. For dessert we had Ice Cream of The Day which was a black sesame seed and a coconut ice-cream…..sooo good, and I had the Ginger Creme Brûlée. The only thing I would say was that if it wasn’t for the ice-cream, the brûlée would have been a tad bland.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 3.10.51 pm

Our fun, romantic day in the city was a blast. Who knew that a slice of heaven was waiting for us in a little alley off Flinders Street. Do yourself a favour and check this place out, you will fall in love with the delectable cuisine just as much as we did.

Lucy Liu Kitchen and Bar
23 Oliver Lane, Melbourne, 3000.
Ph: 03 9639 5777

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