Australia’s The Bachelor Finale

You would think after last night, Australia was invaded by little green men. When my phone wasn’t ringing, it was ‘dinging’ with constant text messages from friends and family. Between emotional ‘omg’s’ to ‘wtf’s’ I just had to turn my phone off. This was important news, I needed to stay focused. Last night was the finale, and I wanted to give 100% of my attention to the show. And it wasn’t just me, according to Australia’s television audience measurement company OzTam, approximately 1.9 million men and women across Australia tuned in to Channel Ten to watch the shows finale.

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Leading up to the season finale I had unfortunately missed a few episodes. But from what I had seen, I thought it was rather obvious Sam was smitten with Snezana, the gorgeous single mum from Perth. The romantic dates the two shared were so intimate, it was obvious from the start they would make a great couple. The kiss they shared after the early morning balloon ride was so sweet. And the Cocktail party – wow!! I don’t know if Sam knew, or if he cared that they were not alone, but if the looks from fellow contestants was anything to go by, the innocent kiss was anything but!

During group dates, Sam would secure a quiet moment with Snezana. Holding hands or stealing a kiss, it was so romantic….well, despite the fact that another 18 ladies were watching 😉 When Sam travelled around the country to meet the friends and families of the final four girls, we were all able to see how much he liked not just Snezana, but also her 9-year-old daughter, Eve. If you watched Sam train the group of kids during episode 11, you would have known how great he would be with Eve. But when they met during Episode 14, it was wonderful to see just how well they got along. I laughed so much when Eve was questioning Sam under the tree in Hyde Park, Perth. When Eve asked Sam what he thought of her mother, it was so cute. They got along so well.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 4.19.28 pm

When the gorgeous brunette from Perth was treated to a new dress, a super snazzy ride in a Lamborghini and to top it all off, a private ballet performance at The Sydney Opera House, I just knew it was all getting very real. And when Snezana told Sam she had fallen in love with him, well, it was game over. The look on Sams face said it all…..she had captured his heart. It was incredibly romantic….except for one thing, or one other person – Lana Jeavons-Fellows. One of my close friends was adamant she was going to be the winner. But as far as I was concerned, the Katy Perry look-alike from the Sydney just didn’t have the same relaxed, motherly qualities as Snezana…and I wasn’t the only person who felt that way.

The finale was intense, just the way Channel Ten wanted it. Watching Lana walk down the garden path in her sheer, sparkly dress, was amazing. Here is this young independent woman who signed on to find a man. A wonderful, strong, ambitious man to share her life with. But as we all know, up until that point, she also shared that dream with 18 other women. It would have been incredibly difficult. The cat fights, the bitching, personally I would rather have a root canal! But she stuck with it, hoping all along that she would be the one.

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Last night, we all sat down glued to our televisions watching the drama unfold. To Lana surprise, and more than likely to the many viewers across Australia, the young communications advisor found out she wasn’t going to be the one.  As Sam said “You’re the perfect girl…I just don’t know if you’re the perfect girl for me” WHAM!! take that!! Lana was visibly upset, but I commend her strength. She kept her shoulders back, held her head up high and kept on smiling. She was fabulous! She knew the stakes, after all The Bachelor is in reality a game show. She knew that, and although you could see she was disappointed, she walked away with her confidence a tad shaken.

As for Snezana, her life was about to change. Her dress was absolutely gorgeous. She was relaxed, radiant and poised…taking the whole experience in her stride. When she reached Sam, who was still standing by the pool, lit with floating candles, she looked so confident. I loved the way Sam asked how she was, he was genuinely worried about her. Knowing they would be watched by millions of people, he took the time to make sure she was ok. Standing together under a canopy of fresh flowers, they held hands and looked happy to be together. It was so exciting to watch. We already heard Sam tell Lana she wasn’t the one, and we couldn’t wait to here Same tell Snezana she was! And it didn’t take him long….”You were the first girl that I met, and you are the last girl because I have fallen madly in love with you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you Snezana…I really Do” ….Awww 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 6.46.45 pm

So after all the waiting and hoping….its all over. So what do we do now? What can we look forward to? Well….we don’t have long to wait. Channel Ten has already announced its next round of contestants, and to make the next series a tad more interesting, we get to watch last years jilted contestant Sam Frost in her Australian series – The Bachelorette….and I can’t wait.

x x x

For more information or to catch up on each seasons shows – visit The Bachelor TenPlay

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