Queen of Romance, Jackie Collins

It’s so sad, do you ever hear something and think…nah…that can’t be right?!? We tend to forget that we are not invincible… I am getting older, so that would mean so is everyone else – right?!? But we forget, so when we find out that someone like Jackie Collins has passed away, it’s a bit of a shock. How….why???? She can’t be that old…After reading a few articles, I discovered she was only 77. When you’re in your early 20’s that seems really old….when your in your 30’s….it’s not that old…in your 40’s, 70’s still seem’s so young.

In reality it is…..these days everyone takes such good care of themselves. We all eat better, we take care of our skin, we make sure we get enough sleep…we try to choose a career, a job that makes us happy. In 2015, being in your 60’s, your 70’s is still young! So how on earth did someone who took better care of themselves than most pass away?

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British born romance novelist Jackie Collins, one of the world’s most treasured authors, lost her fight to breast cancer. The gorgeous award winning author who was also an accomplished actress and singer, passed away in Los Angeles on Saturday surrounded by her loved ones. According to People Magazine, Jackie was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 and a half years ago. She decided to keep her illness private, sharing her personal battles with close friends and family only. Unlike some celebrities today who like everyone to know every single thing they do, every minute of every day #Kardashians.

Jackie recently sat down with People Magazine, for what will now be known as her last interview. On September 14th, at her Beverly Hills home, she talked briefly about her battle with cancer, her family and the wonderful career she has enjoyed. Jackie has always been a bit of a fire cracker, with a spunky personality and quick wit she has entertained readers across the world for more than 40 years. For People Magazines journalist Elizabeth Leonard, I am sure she will always remember her interview as a wonderful poignant moment in her career.

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Jackie was a creative writer, selling more than 500 million copies of her novels worldwide. From her hugely successful first release The World Is Full of Married Men in 1968, through to her most recent novel The Santangelos published in June, only 2 months ago. Despite her diagnosis, she continued to write her signature raunchy novels. Living life to the fullest, every single day. Though the world has lost a magnificent woman, she will live on, through not only her close friends and family, but also through her books – which was how I got to know her best. An inspirational woman, one we will never forget.

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Jackie Collins Amazon Author Page


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