Protecting Melody by Susan Stoker

Ever read a book that gives you goose bumps and tingles all across your skin? Susan Stokers latest book from her Seal of Protection Series did just that and more. In fact, by the end of the second chapter, I was all team “Tex”….I just wanted that man to race across the plains of the U.S and find his girl. I didn’t have any banners made or a Facebook page, but damn was I was devoted 🙂 Susan and her books…I was content with my life until she wrote the first book in the series – Protecting Caroline. After reading that sexy book, I was hooked like a trout along the mountainous rivers in early spring. Sexy alpha men… determined and independent women….what wasn’t their to love?!!!

In Susan’s latest book, the quiet sexy guy who had a backseat role in previous books has the latest story all to himself. Oh damn….not ‘all’ to himself….there was of course one loveable, independent young woman to admire and respect. If it wasn’t for Melody racing across the western states of the good ole’ U.S of A….hell…we wouldn’t have had a great love story to capture our hearts.

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Melody….she was like a song in Tex’s heart. That sounds a tad corny doesn’t it?!! lol….but, hey it was true…. From the moment Tex met Mel online, the stars aligned, the oceans parted and…..ok….I’ll stop overdoing my review lol 😉 Hey it isn’t my fault, it’s Susan’s. She wrote the story…I just went along for the ride. Once Tex jumped into his jeep with Melody’s sweet coonhound named Baby, it was game over. Tex was a big softy, taking care of Mel’s beloved pet. Driving from Pennsylvania to the California coastline hoping to find the woman behind all those sweet online conversations, it was just meant to be.

Of course nothing in life is ever meant to be easy, and this situation was no different. Tex is as alpha as men get. He is determined to save Mel and just as desperate to find out who is making her life hell. No-one puts Baby in the corner…oops…not the dog – Mel! Oops….no, Mel didn’t end up in a corner either. But she did end up on her back – numerous times 😉 If you have read any of the previous books from the Seal of Protection series then you will know Tex has a slight disadvantage, but did that stop this great big buff sexy man….hell no!!!! Hoorah!!!!!

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So treat yourself to a sexy ride with Tex, Mel and Baby. From the mountains of Pennsylvania and Ohio, to the desert plains of New Mexico and California. Join them on their roller coaster ride of danger, subterfuge and deception. Find out if Tex can save the one woman who has taught him how to live, how to trust and taught him how to open up and love. And help solve the mystery of who is after Melody. You will not be disappointed.

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Premise Via Amazon:

Tex gave everything he had to his country and his SEAL teammates. When an IED took away part of his leg, and his career, he devoted himself to his country and friends from behind his computer. He’s always been the man that can find anyone, that uses his computer skills, legal and illegal, to keep people safe and to put the bad guys behind bars.

But behind a computer is a lonely place to be. While he might put on a good front, Tex can’t help but feel he’s missing out when he sees how happy his friends are. But when the woman he’s been talking to online for the last six months suddenly disappears without a word, Tex knows it’s time to step up, and use his skills for himself this time.

**Protecting Melody is the 7th book in the SEAL of Protection Series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s recommended you read the books in order to get maximum enjoyment out of the series.

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