Kate Hudson’s Romantic Weekend

From How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days to Fools Gold and Bride Wars, Kate Hudson has been one of my favourite actresses. She could wear a dead magpie on her head and I would still think she was fabulous 🙂 She never capitalised on her mother Goldie Hawn’s fame. Just good old-fashioned talent, solid work ethic and an award-winning smile was all it took for Kate to gain her place as one of Hollywood’s most treasured talents.

After her first “interesting” marriage to The Black Crowe’s frontman Chris Robinson, a man who looks like he has been ‘tripping’ for more than a decade, Kate spent many years being mum to her and Chris’s son Ryder. She also managed to star in such fabulous movies as My Best Friends Girl, Something Borrowed and A Little Bit of Heaven.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.08.43 pm

In 2010, Kate began dating Matthew Bellamy… she sure likes musicians 😉 another frontman, this time from English rock band Muse. Hudson and Bellamy became engaged in April 2011 and by July the same year, both welcomed a healthy baby boy. As far as love goes in Tinseltown, it was just not meant to be. By the end of 2014, the couple announced they had separated, for reasons they never shared.

She has been “linked” to a few guys such as Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough, but its all been gossip……until today. I was just getting ready for bed when I came across an article online. Kate Hudson and who??? It got the better of me and I Googled her….Nick….Nick who? Agghhh…that Nick 🙂 For such a young guy he sure pops up regularly 😉

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 9.39.15 pm

Kate Hudson and Nick Jonas

The above photographed was taken during a roller coaster ride at Disney World in Orlando, Florida this past weekend. How cute?!! Ok, honestly, these two might be just great friends. Especially since Kate might still be doing the Rumba with Derek, but you never know….hmmmm 😉 Jonas apparently recently split from former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo in June after two years of dating. Maybe Kate is simply teaching Nick how to Rumba?!! 

Regardless of who she is dancing with, I just hope Kate is happy. Who cares who she is going on rides with, as long as she is content. In the meantime I am looking forward to her next movie Mother’s Day which she is currently filming in Canada. A highly anticipated movie which also stars Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon and currently scheduled for an early 2016 release. Another great romantic movie perhaps, even a great chick flick. I will find out more soon. Until then, I hope Kate enjoys a little magic and adventure…a little romance….

x x x

  1. The funny thing about celebrity relationships is that they in one minute done the next and on to the next one in a matter of minutes so it seems. One celebrity whose name I won’t say apparently likes the idea of being in love and yet you get the feeling the work part of relationship…well always seems to be lacking


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